4 strategies for attracting and retaining young employees in the tech industry

January 31, 2022 | xpath.global

Image: Canada Government

Your entire organization must be committed to attracting millennial and Gen Z talent to your company. Prepare to make certain adjustments, such as implementing training programs, integrating technological developments, and implementing work-life balance efforts.

  1. Establish a successful professional path by investing in quality training.

Young workers want a career path with defined progression chances and explicit promotion milestones. They will look for firms that provide advantages that are tied to their professional performance and career progress when job hunting. This can include things like:

  • During working hours, on-demand education is available.
  • Travel to relevant facilities management conferences is paid for by the company.
  • Inside the company, there are opportunities to test out a number of roles.
  • Apprenticeship programs are designed to help people prepare for their next job.
  • Continuous educational activities regarding the various aspects of facility management should be provided by organizations. Employers will benefit as well, as employee engagement and productivity will grow.
  1. Create a collaborative environment at work

Millennials and Gen Z place a high emphasis on collaboration, with the majority preferring face-to-face meetings. Facility management work, on the other hand, is frequently done alone for long periods of time, such as while conducting on-site inspections. As a result, creating a collaborative workplace is essential. Create team-building activities and meetings that involve achievement celebrations. Allow facility managers to connect online with one another and their workforce using collaboration-focused technologies such as instant messaging tools and group communication apps.

  1. Make the necessary technological and equipment investments.

Younger generations have grown up with technology as a constant in their lives, and they want it to continue in the job. Invest in cutting-edge facilities management solutions that enable efficiency and productivity to attract Millennials and Gen Z to your firm. Artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, for example, should be prioritized for daily work tasks like contractor hiring and work order management.

  1. Prioritize work-life balance

Millennials and Gen Z are well aware that taking time off work is advantageous to one’s health and productivity, as evidenced by studies. It’s vital to put your employees’ work-life balance first. This involves being flexible with employee hours and where work is accomplished, as well as de-stigmatizing the use of sick days and vacation time.

Work is important to Millennial and Gen Z workers, but it is not the only thing that matters in their lives. Emphasize to potential employees that while emergencies should be handled right away, non-urgent concerns should be handled during work hours so that everyone may unplug while they are not at work.

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