World-class tools for Expats

With more than 10 years of experience between us, we’ve dealt with the entire range of issues that occur during the relocation processes.

That’s why we decided to take action and address each and every one of them with a top-notch suite of tools.

The app for the internationally-minded

With a solid background in supporting expats, we know all about the trials and tribulations that come with the expat lifestyle. In order to better help the global minds among us, we got together, brainstormed, and created the most comprehensive app expats could ever dream of.

A global mobility Grand Bazaar

A legendary place where everybody speaks your language and enthusiastically provides countless solutions to your every need – now easier to find because it’s online.

If global mobility were a sport, our ERM would be the G.O.A.T. of it

Becoming an early adopter of is like being the first among your friends to buy a smartphone back when all phones had keyboards. We dare you to call our bluff!