Our marketplace – A global mobility Grand Bazaar

A legendary place where everybody speaks your language and enthusiastically provides countless solutions to your every need – now easier to find because it’s online.

How our Marketplace Works

Serving you

Scenario – Your HR dep gives you a lump sum and asks you to handle everything yourself. Where do you go? Who do you ask for help? We strive to become the go-to place for Expats in all scenarios, for any and every question or need they might have.

Serving your spouse

Whether you have a stay-at-home partner or a career-oriented one, we’ve got it covered. We know that relocating sometimes means sacrifices for the trailing partners, but we consider it our job to minimize them where possible.

Serving your kids

Finding a babysitter or the right kindergarten or school, adjusted to the right educational method for your little ones, are no longer concerns you need to have during relocation.

Xpath and chill

Remember the family trips when you were a kid? Your parents probably took care of everything and all was left for you to do was have fun and enjoy yourself. How would you like to get that feeling back during your next relocation?


Congrats! Your next adventure awaits, but first, there are some things that need doing – finding accommodation according to your specifications, negotiating the contract, and everything else in between. You can count on us!


Everybody knows that the moving process can be a ginormous pain in the neck, but when talking about your favorite painting and your beloved cat, things can get dramatic. Whom can you trust with such a valuable cargo?


We got you covered! In need of extra support at the destination? Shopping options, medical facilities, bank accounts, or driving licenses? You name it, we have it.


Time to pack it up and relocate again? There are some small matters to tend to: cancellations, local de-registrations, accounts termination, moving-out inspections, and more!