Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Xpath.Global e-commerce marketplace and what kind of services can I buy?

We created the first worldwide global mobility marketplace, meant to help clients and service providers connect and have an easy, transparent channel of communication.

Our marketplace is structured on four main categories of services, from which you can choose various needed services:

  • Relocation: services such as temporary accommodation, home search, settling in, education assistance, departure assistance, language and cultural training etc.
  • Immigration: services such as work permits, residence permits, different types of visas, immigration assessments and other migratory compliance related services.
  • Taxation: services such as tax registrations/de-registrations, tax returns, tax filings, social security registration/deregistration.
  • Moving: services such as domestic & international household goods moving, short & long term storage, vehicle or pets moving.

2. Do you have a vetting process for providers?

We focus on quality when it comes to partnerships, hence all providers will be subjected to a vetting process and some of the standard approval criteria are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Member of a national relevant industry association;
  • Member of an international relevant industry association;
  • GDPR compliant companies;
  • ISO 27001 and 9001 holders.

*Xpath Global reserves the right to refuse a service provider if we deem that the respective service provider is not credible or trustworthy

3. How much does it cost to use your marketplace?

To use and purchase through the Xpath.Global marketplace is totally free of charge. The moment you create your account, before actually validating it, our staff will be checking your registration and make sure all needed data are mentioned.

4. Is there a minimum number of services that I must commit to purchasing?

There is no minimum number of services commitment. In fact, you can even refer your relocating employees to register directly in case you provide them with a lump sum allowance for relocation.

5. I placed an order, what happens next?

As soon as an order is processed, the service provider will be notified. They will either accept or reject the order, and you will be notified of next steps in real time. If payment is required to process the order, the service provider will upload their invoice to the order accordingly.

6. How can I pay for the services ordered?

The service providers will issue an invoice in line with their payment terms which will be uploaded onto the order and you will be notified once it is available. Additionally, in case the service provider chosen is connected with Stripe, you will also have the possibility to pay online. All these details will be available in your account.

7. I need to export my data for internal reporting, can I do that?

Reports galore! We have comprehensive reporting functions available allowing you to report & export data on almost every datapoint in the ecosystem. To help you, we have also configured some quick access dashboards.

8. I can’t find the particular service I am looking for. Can you still help?

We can help source services not yet displayed on our marketplace using our trusted partner network. Please contact us if you have a bespoke need.

9. I am looking for a specific services bundle/package, but I can’t find it. How can I request this from service providers?

In case you have special requirements, you can issue a digital RFQ for special bundles/packages, as well as for group moves. You can do so by visiting the RFQ/Bids section in your account area.

10. I am concerned about data protection, how do you ensure our company purchasing data is safe?

Data protection and safety is at the forefront of what we do. We value your privacy, so yes, the platform is GDPR compliant. All the information regarding clients and expats is stored in two different encrypted databases.

This encryption means that the information is incomprehensible without first being decrypted. The encryption keys are stored and managed by a separate AWS service – KMS. The databases are hosted on Amazon Web Services in their Germany datacenter.

Any documents uploaded onto the platform are encrypted and stored on Amazon S3, keeping you safe and sound!