Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who has access to the portal and the information submitted?

The provider account is password-protected, so only you and anyone who was given permission will have access to the information.

Whoever has access to the front-end of the platform will see the service details made visible, but no details regarding stocks or other possibly sensitive data.

That’s some serious 007 privacy going on here, so you might as well feel like the main character already!

2. Can competitors get access to sensitive information that we have entered (pricing/immigration processes etc)?

In the platform, the providers are not asked to mention immigration processes or procedures, only service offers and what they include.

We care about your privacy, so the fees will be only visible to clients who will create a client account upon our approval. We got you covered!

Details on minimum price or future pricing campaigns are only visible to you as a Provider and are activated only from your account at the date you established.

3. Do you have a vetting process for providers?

We focus on quality when it comes to partnerships, hence all providers will be subjected to a vetting process and some of the standard approval criteria are as follows, but not limited to:

  • Member of a national relevant industry association;
  • Member of an international relevant industry association;
  • GDPR compliant companies;
  • ISO 27001 and 9001 holders.

*Xpath Global reserves the right to refuse a service provider if we deem that the respective service provider is not credible or trustworthy.

4. The clients using the marketplace will be individuals or companies?

We love helping more people have access to the best services in the world.

However, at this moment, Xpath Global marketplace platform aims at small, medium and large companies, being a B2B marketplace.

With further developments, such as our Expat Mobile App, the marketplace will be available also for the employees of the respective client companies, therefore becoming a B2B2C ecosystem and helping every individual connect with worldwide experts to fulfill their needs.

5. Considering services might be different for each client, how do Providers cater for the diversity of Client’s needs?

This is exactly one of the main advantages of our marketplace! Your imagination is the limit! You can create various types of service offers for all wallets, budgets and needs! For instance:

  • one offer can be your most comprehensive immigration package for highly-skilled workers (documents procurement, payments on behalf of clients, submission of files, etc)
  • now, take the documents’ procurement out of the picture and you have a different offer, at a different price!
  • want a third one? Well, remove the submission and collection of documents as well, and you will have a basic immigration package.

In the blink of an eye, you created 3 different offers, at 3 different price points catering for 3 different types of clients, needs and budgets!

6. How would the marketplace cater for a company which provides services across several countries?

You get the best treatment in every country you list your services on! Companies delivering services in several countries have the possibility to advertise service offers in all locations and countries they cover, customising the fees or service descriptions for each location.

This will greatly help with the visibility of your brand, as the clients see all locations you cover, therefore they see your capabilities in offering services in multiple locations, just by accessing your landing page.

Quite cool, right?

7. Is the platform GDPR compliant?

We value your privacy, so yes, the platform is GDPR compliant. All the information regarding clients and expats is stored in two different encrypted databases.

This encryption means that the information is incomprehensible without first being decrypted. The encryption keys are stored and managed by a separate AWS service – KMS. The databases are hosted on Amazon Web Services in their Germany datacenter.

Any documents uploaded onto the platform are encrypted and stored on Amazon S3, keeping you and your clients safe and sound!