The first mobility-centric ERM

ERM is our Expatriate Resource Management system, created to facilitate day-to-day work. It manages all your operations within a single intuitive system, designed for rapid adoption.

How our ERM Works

Awesome clients deserve awesome software ERM is more than a traditional software solution. Our suite of tools is tailored to the global mobility service providers’ needs and delivers real-time insights into every aspect of your company’s performance, all from one easy-to-use dashboard

Full Control

Manage all service delivery, create and follow specific workflows, communicate with customers, expats, suppliers and give all parties up-to-date information in real-time. Our ERM is the backbone of all.

Automated workflows

We have automated most of the legwork involved in an international transfer to give you the chance of performing your tasks with a level of accuracy that would make Swiss watch manufacturers jealous.

Single Point of Contact

Whether you’re sharing documents or coordinating multiple teams with multiple tasks, the mess of spreading your interactions over multiple platforms is now a thing of the past.

Data-security driven

We guarantee your peace of mind with a fully GDPR compliant system through the entire data exchange process.

Expense Management Simplified

Automate expense tracking, approval, and reimbursement with a customizable and easy-to-use expense management tool.

Collect Business Analytics

Access and download customizable reports with analytical data about your latest business activities to get valuable insights that help you make informed decisions.