The story of Xpath Global

The digital ecosystem was developed with the main purpose of connecting corporate customers with the best global mobility service providers worldwide. Working with efficiency and transparency in mind, we support all parties involved in an international assignment process, thus saving precious time and money.

As global mobility service providers and consultants ourselves since 2007, we have encountered all the possible issues and pitfalls one could possibly meet in this role, allowing us to take action and address each and every one of them with a top-notch suite of tech tools.

We started our mission with Xpath in 2017, when we understood that the Global Mobility sector was changing and there was a growing demand for finding more agile solutions to the industry’s needs.

We started the tech developments on our ecosystem in 2018 and we launched our prototype in May 2019 during the European Relocation Association conference in Munich, followed by a launch of its Beta version in October the same year, during the Worldwide ERC conference in Boston, US.

What we stand for 

Our mission is to create a complete, end-to-end, global mobility digital ecosystem, under only one umbrella, for all actors involved in an international assignment – corporate customers and their HR or Global Mobility departments, their expatriate employees and the specialised service providers.


What we value most:


  • Customer: We are obsessed with our customer’s needs and are always driven by the desire to create the best customer experience for them.
  • Customer: We really are obsessed, see?
  • Trustworthiness: They say reputation is better than gold, so we strive to keep it spotless by always creating transparent and solid partnerships with all of our customers.
  • Innovation: We are creative and always try to bring new ideas to life that would match customers’ needs and changing market realities.
  • Passion: We use the fire in our bellies and commitment to bring energy and engage all our partners and customers.
  • Boldness: We are entrepreneurial and thus not afraid to take risks and go beyond usual boundaries.
  • Integrity: We are honest, ethical, open and fair with all parties involved.

“Being registered on the platform allows us to request various services, so that we are actually able to choose and buy whatever suits our business needs and requirements. The SaaS ERM tool provides excellent tracking and management possibilities for our entire team and we are currently managing all the assignments via this tool.”

Alina Ionita

HR Manager, BOSCH Group


You created a very impressive tool, and I congratulate you for that!

Ebru Demirel

CEO, Bedel Mobility Solutions


“A really fantastic platform and an exciting avenue”

Dan Mogg

Sales Manager, Classic Moving


The tool you created is really smart

Elisa Khetty

India Country Manager, HELMA International


Thanks a lot! It is very exciting to be a part of this!

Lydia Martinez

Owner and CEO, STEPS Relocation


What you accomplished is really remarkable. Congratulations!

Sousana Patsoumi Kalfa

Chief Value Officer, Atlas Consulting

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