RFQ System Offering A More Streamlined Procurement Process for Everyone

Experience a streamlined procurement process with our digital RFP/RFQ feature, expediting procurement cycles for quicker service provider responses and decreased time-to-contract. Managers can request quotes directly from their onboarded service providers or our existing partners, all within the platform.

Accelerate the procurement process by enabling managers to save time through the elimination of repetitive email exchanges. Gain a more condensed and efficient approach with one simple request form.

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RFQ System Offering A More Streamlined Procurement Process for Everyone

Accelerate Your Sourcing: Go Digital with RFP/RFQ Management!

Ensure comprehensive coverage of all your global mobility needs by completing a RFP/RFQ form. This will guarantee that every aspect of your requirements is thoroughly addressed, regardless of their complexity or intricacy.

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Actively Monitor Your Procurement with Transparency


Oversee your procurement process with transparency through our digital platform. By tracking service provider responses and progress in real time, you’ll have a clear view of what’s happening and be empowered to make informed decisions.

You won’t have to deal with ambiguity anymore; instead, you can actively make comparisons of quotas from suppliers which will help make decision-making faster. With real-time updates, everything will run smoothly together so that everyone can work cooperatively while achieving the desired outcome. 

A Sustainable Procurement Process


Managers can eliminate the need for paper-based processes and manual work, resulting in lower expenses for printing, mailing and administration. This solution is specifically designed to improve efficiency in terms of cost and time, making your operations optimized and beneficial for your overall budget.  

By moving all communications to a digital platform, you not only reduce unnecessary costs but also optimize the entire procurement process. 

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Compare and Choose the Best Quote That Works for You


This feature facilitates effortless comparison and assessment of vendor proposals, empowering data-driven decisions in vendor selection by allowing managers to have multiple RFQ from several service providers and evaluating the best options.  

Make informed choices confidently, backed by a transparent record of activities that serves as a valuable resource for evaluation and compliance adherence. Managers gain a repository of historical actions executed. 

Processes & Timeline

Establish standardized process workflows with detailed, sequential instructions. Transform stagnant spreadsheets into dynamic workflows with flexible timelines. Monitor tasks, anticipate due dates, and ensure timely completion of obligations.

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Workflows & Checklists

Craft workflows with predefined tasks, ensuring a smooth and effective approach to managing internal processes. Keep the team aligned and accountable using clear checklists and progress tracking. Automate tasks and approvals, boosting HR productivity.

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Supplier Management

Monitor your suppliers transparently with xpath.global's case progress tracking. Easily stay updated on overall case statuses and delve into specific tasks with elaborate task lists. Handle diverse service providers effortlessly within one platform.

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