Store, Find, Share All Data In One Place

In an era where cross-border mobility is essential for business growth, organizations are increasingly tasked with managing a complex web of expatriate assignments and employee details. This scenario often leads to a common pain point: the struggle to efficiently organize and retrieve critical data, typically scattered across numerous spreadsheets and databases. This disarray of information storage can result in a significant drain on time, resources, and employee morale, a challenge that is not unique to but was particularly pronounced for a multinational corporation overseeing more than 150 international assignees.

The case study at hand provides a holistic overview of how one such organization transitioned from a fragmented and inefficient data management system to a streamlined, centralized solution with, reflecting a broader narrative that resonates with many in the global mobility sector. This transformation not only addresses operational inefficiencies but also highlights a strategic pivot towards digital solutions, emphasizing the importance of agile and integrated data management systems in today’s dynamic business landscape.

Store, Find, Share All Data In One Place

The Power of Centralized Employee Databases

Centralize Data

A central repository for all expatriate data, including personal, employment, and dependent information in on place.


Trace Expatriate Assignments

Track the status of assignments and locate any necessary documents or information without delays.


Data Integration With HRIS 

The platform is capable of integrating with any 3rd party systems already in place within your organization.


Client Case study

Client Profile

The client, a large global company with many expat employees, struggled to manage sensitive data scattered across multiple spreadsheets. This inefficient process was slow and stressful for HR, hurting their work output. There was a clear need for a better, single system for managing data.


The primary challenge was the decentralization of critical employee data, which was leading to significant inefficiencies within the HR department. The manual retrieval of information from disparate sources was not only frustrating for the HR professionals but also untenable given the growing scale of international assignments. This inefficiency was a roadblock to productivity and a catalyst for stress among staff members.


The implementation of offered a revolutionary solution by digitally centralizing all employee information into one accessible platform. This system overhaul encompassed the consolidation of personal, employment, and dependent details, as well as all assignment-related documentation. The intuitive interface of eliminated the need for complex searches across multiple files, enabling HR teams to locate specific information swiftly and accurately.


The integration of’s Expatriate Data Management System marked a transformative moment for the client. The centralized database significantly alleviated the stress experienced by HR professionals by providing quick and efficient access to critical data. The system streamlined workflows, enhanced monitoring of assignments, and fostered a significant improvement in both productivity and employee satisfaction. The case of this organization underscores the profound impact that technological solutions can have in optimizing expatriate management processes.

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With, you can upload your PDF or Word templates and have our platform automatically fill in fields for you. Watch as the platform takes care of all the hard work of positioning data correctly.

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Case Management

Centralize assignment and expat data, tasks, and progress securely in a GDPR compliant platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Stay informed with real-time insights into service providers' progress and tasks, ensuring operational efficiency

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Process & Timeline

Establish standardized process workflows with detailed, sequential instructions. Transform stagnant spreadsheets into dynamic workflows with flexible timelines. Monitor tasks, anticipate due dates, and ensure timely completion of obligations.

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Is suitable for both small and large organizations?

Yes, is designed to accommodate the relocation needs of organizations of all sizes, providing scalable solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Does offer data security and compliance features?

Absolutely. prioritizes data security and compliance, ensuring that sensitive employee information is protected and adheres to relevant data protection regulations.

Can integrate with existing HR systems?

Yes, is built to integrate seamlessly with various HR systems, allowing for a smooth transition and synchronization of data.

How does help in managing multiple relocations simultaneously?

The platform's centralized approach enables HR professionals to manage multiple relocations efficiently, with real-time tracking and task assignment functionalities.