Easy Supplier Tracking and Monitoring

Effective supplier management is paramount for HR departments as it significantly enhances operational efficiency and streamlines processes. By continually evaluating vendor progress, HR can ensure quality services and products, allowing them to have full transparency on the case status. Moreover, active supplier management leads to cost savings through better negotiations and budget control. By analyzing this data, HR professionals can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and implement changes that enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

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Easy Supplier Tracking and Monitoring

Vendor Excellence: Transparent Case Progress for Monitoring All Your Suppliers

Track Supplier Progress

Transparent case monitoring allows you to stay updated on the overall status of each supplier’s case. Dive into specific tasks with an elaborate tasks list for more effective monitoring.


Onboard Any Supplier

Easily onboard any service provider in immigration, tax, eor, moving or relocation onto the platform through a simple invitation process.


Mitigating Supply Chain Risks

Effective supplier management involves identifying and mitigating supply chain risks. By ensuring that suppliers adhere to quality and compliance standards, HR can maintain smooth operations.

Client Case study

Client Profile

A global corporation faced a significant challenge in managing their immigration service providers for their talent mobility department. With a growing number of expatriates and multiple ongoing cases, the HR team found it increasingly difficult to keep track of the progress and ensure timely deliveries from their service providers.


The company struggled with a lack of visibility and information updates from their immigration service providers. This led to delays in the immigration processes for their employees, causing frustration among both staff and management. The absence of a system for managing these providers resulted in confusion, missed deadlines, and financial discrepancies due to untracked expenses.


xpath.global offered a platform where the company could easily track supplier progress. The system provided a transparent view of each case, allowing the HR team to stay up-to-date on the overall status and progress of ongoing immigration processes. The platform showcased an elaborate task list for each case. This detailed breakdown allowed effective monitoring, enabling the HR team to identify specific tasks completed by the service providers and track their progress accurately improving the employee experience by keeping them updated also.


Implementing xpath.global's Supplier Management feature transformed the company's talent mobility department. The HR team was now able to manage their immigration service providers with unprecedented ease and efficiency. Timely deliveries, transparent progress tracking, and accurate expense management became the new norm, significantly enhancing the overall productivity of the department.

Trusted partners of vetted service providers across 183 countries.

Secure cloud, GDPR compliant and enterprise-class data protection policies.

With our built-in technology, repetitive and laborious tasks are of the past with A. I and RPA tools.

Comprehensive technology built for compliance in global mobility.


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Benefit Packages

Simplify the complications associated with spreadsheets by exploring a more advanced approach to managing employee benefit packages. xpath.global is designed to meet the specific requirements of rapidly expanding multinational businesses of all sizes with dynamic organizational structures.

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Case Management

Centralize assignment and expat data, tasks, and progress securely in a GDPR compliant platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Stay informed with real-time insights into service providers' progress and tasks, ensuring operational efficiency

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Processes & Timeline

Establish standardized process workflows with detailed, sequential instructions. Transform stagnant spreadsheets into dynamic workflows with flexible timelines. Monitor tasks, anticipate due dates, and ensure timely completion of obligations.

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Is xpath.global suitable for both small and large organizations?

Yes, xpath.global is designed to accommodate the relocation needs of organizations of all sizes, providing scalable solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Does xpath.global offer data security and compliance features?

Absolutely. xpath.global prioritizes data security and compliance, ensuring that sensitive employee information is protected and adheres to relevant data protection regulations.

Can xpath.global integrate with existing HR systems?

Yes, xpath.global is built to integrate seamlessly with various HR systems, allowing for a smooth transition and synchronization of data.

How does xpath.global help in managing multiple relocations simultaneously?

The platform's centralized approach enables HR professionals to manage multiple relocations efficiently, with real-time tracking and task assignment functionalities.