Encrypted Communication with Service Providers

Our messaging feature offers a secure way for suppliers and HR professionals to communicate with each other in a confidential and real-time fashion. This solution makes it faster and more centralized, while protecting data privacy and security.

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Encrypted Communication with Service Providers

Stay connected, share vital information, and collaborate effectively

Our platform ensures confidential communication between team members, assignees, and service providers, fostering a secure environment for sensitive data exchange.

An Audit Trail of Supplier Conversations


Gain a transparent audit trail with a comprehensive record of all interactions with your suppliers. This not only enhances accountability but also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. You’ll have a clear and accessible history of every exchange, making audits and reporting a breeze.  

Workflow & Checklists

Craft workflows with predefined tasks, ensuring a smooth and effective approach to managing internal processes. Keep the team aligned and accountable using clear checklists and progress tracking. Automate tasks and approvals, boosting HR productivity.

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AI Generated Template Doc

With xpath.global, you can upload your PDF or Word templates and have our platform automatically fill in fields for you. Watch as the platform takes care of all the hard work of positioning data correctly

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Supplier Management

Monitor your suppliers transparently with xpath.global's case progress tracking. Easily stay updated on overall case statuses and delve into specific tasks with elaborate task lists. Handle diverse service providers effortlessly within one platform.

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