An Efficient Way to Manage Your Documents

Store and manage documents for assignee and their processes within a meticulously organized platform. The days of storing documents in local drive and on paper are long gone. Store all sensitive documents related to international assignments in a centralized repository.

Gain easy access to vital documents while maintaining security and compliance. Simplify document storage, retrieval, and sharing for a much easier operation.

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An Efficient Way to Manage Your Documents

Securely collaborate with ease - GDPR compliant document exchange.

Safely share documents in a GDPR compliant environment, fostering seamless teamwork and enhancing productivity.

Share Documents with Service Providers


Sharing documents with service providers is often challenging and time-consuming, particularly when dealing with assignees. The traditional method, which involves requesting documents from employees and then sending them to providers, can lead to significant delays. However, simplifies this cumbersome process. HR personnel now have an efficient way to request necessary documents from employees and securely share sensitive information with all involved parties.

This feature provides a more secure and encrypted communication channel than conventional emails. By using this streamlined method, the hassles of document exchanges are removed. This enables more effective collaboration between HR and service providers.

A Secure Vault for All International Assignment Documents


The system offers a secure vault for accessing all vital documents linked to international assignments. Acting as a protected storage space, it safeguards important assignee documents.

Access to this vault is carefully managed via permissions for the HR team, service provider, and assignee. For top-notch security, documents are encrypted both in-transit and at rest, housed on the highly secure AWS cloud servers. This guarantees protection against unauthorized access and preserves confidentiality.




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Save Time and Instantly Find Any Document


Reclaim valuable time and locate any document instantly. In the traditional global mobility landscape, the process of retrieving documents can be extremely burdensome and time-consuming. Moreover, there is always the risk of potential loss due to hardware issues. However, this feature provides HR professionals with a boost in confidence as they can quickly locate all the relevant documents related to an expatriate. This efficient system eliminates the complexities of document organization and ensures swift access to critical files. Additionally, the integrated search bar further enhances the overall efficiency of the process.

Anytime. Anywhere. On Any Device


Gain secured access to important documents regardless of your location, the time of day, or the device you are using. This remarkable feature surpasses the limitations imposed by the organization’s network, granting you secure and convenient worldwide accessibility. This advanced level of accessibility liberates you from the constraints of being in the office and limited network access for emergencies which can arrive. 

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Woorkflows & Checklists

Craft workflows with predefined tasks, ensuring a smooth and effective approach to managing internal processes. Keep the team aligned and accountable using clear checklists and progress tracking. Automate tasks and approvals, boosting HR productivity.

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Expatriate Profile

Ditch scattered spreadsheets! centralizes expatriate data, simplifying HR tasks and eliminating administrative hassles. Onboarding is a breeze with smart RPA tools, allowing bulk uploads and accelerating the process.

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AI Generated Templated Doc

With, you can upload your PDF or Word templates and have our platform automatically fill in fields for you. Watch as the platform takes care of all the hard work of positioning data correctly.

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