A Case Management System For All Your Needs

Our unique case management system enables you to keep track of all mobility processes being handled by your team – across all categories of services. The system is designed to handle any kind of process, from immigration and tax to relocation and moving. Ditch the spreadsheets and make use of a powerful set of tools to centralize cases and clients data, documents and progress in a GDPR compliant and encrypted platform .

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A Case Management System For All Your Needs

Full visibility of the process delivery for everyone involved.

Manage and track tasks. Take control of your cases like never before.

Team Progress Tracking Made Simple 


The Team Progress Tracking feature addresses a frequent issue for managers: the difficulty of obtaining a full view of their team’s case management progress. This tool offers a detailed, real-time snapshot of your team’s assigned cases, including a list of tasks and their progress status.

This streamlined approach ensures that no case is left unmonitored, allowing for timely interventions when needed. 

A Better Collaboration For More Clarity 


Professionals can assign tasks to the HR department as needed, and HR can do the same. Furthermore, to prevent tasks from being overlooked, reminders keep individuals aware of their duties. Additionally, notes can clarify expectations and requirements. Centralizing all information on one platform allows for effective collaboration and efficient task completion.

This centralization also aids new team members. They can quickly grasp a case’s progress, history, and related documents. As a result, new members are promptly brought up to speed with past developments.

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Detailed Paper Trail Of All Case Activities 


A comprehensive case audit trail documents every event, including task details, initiation, and completion times. This traceability aids in problem-solving and identifies causes for delays. For instance, a late task might be due to late delivery of documents, or delayed responses from government agencies. The detailed history, along with internal and external notes, maintains an accurate record, ensuring accountability and facilitating efficient issue resolution. 

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Visualize Tasks Deliverables And Timeline


Gain a visual representation of your processes and team’s workload. Efficiently manage tasks, track progress, and proactively address potential delays. Visualize the process in a gantt chart to clearly see the progress of each member’s task. Reduce time spent on offline tracking.

Order Tracking

Managers can effortlessly review, accept, or reject orders, all in one centralized location, saving valuable time. Access all order details instantly, eliminating the need to search through scattered documents.

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Service Catalogue

Our Customized Service Packages allow providers to tailor services, enhancing client satisfaction, building trust, and gaining a competitive edge. Create a detailed service catalog to boost visibility and credibility to potential clients.

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Expense Tracking

Experience full transparency in global finance, gain insights into case expenses, consolidating all financial details in one location. Easily track expenditures, including incurred date and costs, enabling effective financial management across service delivery aspects.

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