Take Control Of Assignment Costs

In the ever-changing realm of talent mobility, efficiently deploying talent across borders is crucial for corporate success. Our case study delves into a leading enterprise's experience as it grappled with the complexities of managing international assignment expenses without a centralized system. This gap in their talent mobility program resulted in significant inefficiencies, burdensome administrative processes, and hindered strategic decision-making in global talent deployment. The narrative will explore the hurdles faced by the enterprise, the implementation of xpath.global's Expense Management System, and the impressive results that transformed the company's global talent mobility strategy. This case study underscores the vital role of advanced digital expense management solutions in improving financial transparency, streamlining administrative tasks, and enhancing operational efficiency within the realm of workforce mobility.

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Take Control Of Assignment Costs

Budget Management As A Strategic HR Tool For A Successful Assignment

Track Expenses

Our centralized platform makes it easy to sort and track expenses associated with each case for each employee, freeing up your time.


Control Assignment Budgets

Obtain real-time insights into international assignment expenses to help you make informed decisions and control your finances.


Approve Assignment Confidently

Have all the information ready for managers to approve assignments. With only a few clicks managers can gain access to compensation, expenses and costs of assignment.

Client Case Study

Client Profile

Our client, a prominent global firm, faced an escalating challenge. They needed to efficiently control assignment costs, but the absence of a unified system posed a significant hurdle. Without a central structure, tracking case-specific expenditures proved difficult, making it challenging to assess financial performance. Consequently, this situation increased the burden on HR staff and workers engaged in administrative duties due to the excessive time required.


The enterprise's main obstacle was the absence of a systematic approach to tracking and managing assignment-related expenses. Critical financial data was dispersed across various spreadsheets and systems, making it laborious to compile, analyze, and ensure accuracy. This disorganization prevented the acquisition of real-time insights into the financial aspects of international assignments. HR professionals were particularly hampered by the inability to monitor spending patterns effectively or determine if assignments were adhering to budget constraints.


The introduction of xpath.global signified a pivotal moment for the enterprise. Serving as a unified hub for all assignment-related expenses, the platform eradicated the necessity for manual data compilation. Consequently, with the digitization of expense management, each financial transaction was meticulously logged and preserved in a single, easily accessible repository. This consolidation of expense monitoring, encompassing both providers and employees, was systematically chronicled within the platform. Furthermore, this advancement ousted the tedious ritual of sifting through interminable spreadsheets, thereby streamlining tasks and enhancing efficiency.


The deployment of xpath.global's Expense Management System was transformative for the company's financial handling. HR professionals were equipped with real-time oversight of assignment costs, a goal that previously seemed unattainable. This transparency enabled a robust assessment of financial viability, refined budget control, and empowered data-driven decision-making. For employees, the reduction in administrative burdens led to a significant uptick in productivity and the ability to concentrate on core functions.

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Case Management

Centralize assignment and expat data, tasks, and progress securely in a GDPR compliant platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Stay informed with real-time insights into service providers' progress and tasks, ensuring operational efficiency

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Workflows & Checklists

Craft workflows with predefined tasks, ensuring a smooth and effective approach to managing internal processes. Keep the team aligned and accountable using clear checklists and progress tracking. Automate tasks and approvals, boosting HR productivity.

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Secure Doc Management

Store sensitive international assignment documents securely in a centralized, organized platform. Access documents easily while ensuring compliance and security. Simplify document exchanges with expatriates and service providers.

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Is xpath.global suitable for both small and large organizations?

Yes, xpath.global is designed to accommodate the relocation needs of organizations of all sizes, providing scalable solutions tailored to specific requirements.

Does xpath.global offer data security and compliance features?

Absolutely. xpath.global prioritizes data security and compliance, ensuring that sensitive employee information is protected and adheres to relevant data protection regulations.

Can xpath.global integrate with existing HR systems?

Yes, xpath.global is built to integrate seamlessly with various HR systems, allowing for a smooth transition and synchronization of data.

How does xpath.global help in managing multiple relocations simultaneously?

The platform's centralized approach enables HR professionals to manage multiple relocations efficiently, with real-time tracking and task assignment functionalities.