Stay Ahead Of Your Assignment Costs

Present a detailed cost visualization for HR to clearly gauge the company's expenditure over the assignment period. This eliminates the complexities of manual calculations, offering a straightforward representation of projected costs of the assignment.

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Stay Ahead Of Your Assignment Costs

Unlock Financial Insights: Visualize Project Expenses!

Enhances transparency by offering stakeholders clear insights into financial aspects of assignments.

Improved Cost Awareness and Budgeting


A comprehensive insight into assignment-related expenses, enabling informed financial planning. With improved cost visibility, HR can efficiently allocate resources, optimize spending, and ensure cost-effective assignment management. 

Detailed Breakdown of Costs


Gain an extensive breakdown of compensation, relocation expenses, and taxes within the cost projection tool for assignments. Leveraging expatriate data and benefits, this feature provides a detailed representation of all expenses tied to the relocation process. 

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Make Informed Decisions About Assignments


Enhance decision-making with data-driven insights for assignments. Utilize comprehensive data from the estimated compensation, taxes, and salaries in both host and home countries.  


Gain near accurate, comparative information, aiding in assessing the financial implications of international assignments. By leveraging this data, you can confidently evaluate the costs, benefits, and overall feasibility of assignments.

Projected Cost of Living in Over 11,000 Cities


Access projected cost of living data for more than 11,000 cities worldwide.  This provides insights into the cost-of-living variations across cities, facilitating informed decision-making. The cost-of -living is integrated into the cost estimator tool as the indexes are taken into account by the salary calculator. This ensures that the HR team can offer competitive compensation to employees. 

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Supplier Management

Monitor your suppliers transparently with's case progress tracking. Easily stay updated on overall case statuses and delve into specific tasks with elaborate task lists. Handle diverse service providers effortlessly within one platform.

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Digital RFQ/RFP System's digital RFP/RFQ feature, accelerating cycles for quicker responses and reduced time-to-contract. Managers can request quotes directly, enhancing productivity and ensuring seamless flow from requests to contracts.

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Salary Calculator

Achieve a distinct comparison between home and host country budgeting effortlessly. HR managers receive a comprehensive estimation of expatriate assignment costs projection, encompassing base salary, allowances, benefits, taxes, and savings for the assignee in both locations.

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