Manage Complex Internal Processes Easily

International assignment procedures can become complex, with numerous factors to monitor and the potential for complications to arise. aims to address this challenge by enabling companies to establish standardized workflows for such assignments. By offering detailed, sequential instructions, it provides teams with a clear direction to follow, ensuring everyone is aligned and working towards the same objectives. Furthermore, not only facilitates assignment management but also enhances progress monitoring with greater efficiency.

Gain a detailed breakdown of processes into clear steps for each type of assignment, making it easier to handle even the complex tasks and ensure that everyone is following the same procedures consistently, adhering to the same procedures every time.

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Manage Complex Internal Processes Easily

Automated Workflows for Compliance & Organization!

Plan with precision using our timeline feature, avoiding surprises and ensuring deadlines are met.

Transform Spreadsheets into Workflows and Timelines


Rather than depending solely on stagnant spreadsheets, establish dynamic workflows with flexible timelines that can be modified and revised as necessary. This will provide your global mobility team with a comprehensive visual representation of tasks and their respective deadlines. Anticipate due dates, monitor progress, and most importantly, guarantee timely completion of obligations. No longer will you need to sift through tedious spreadsheets. 

Now, everyone can conveniently access real-time updates on progress and any necessary adjustments. 

Get The HR Team Started Easily


A well-defined procedure accelerates the onboarding process for new staff members, offering advantages not only to the new employees but also to the HR team. By utilizing the transparent task list within these workflows, the HR team can seamlessly continue the work left by their predecessors, ensuring a smooth transition even when new individuals assume their roles. Simultaneously, supervisors can effortlessly monitor the team’s advancement in various tasks. 

New hires can have a more seamless transition, human resources can experience less difficulty, and supervisors can effectively maintain progress, resulting in improved overall efficiency and convenience for everyone involved. 

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A Bird’s Eye View of the Case Progress


Monitor process timelines with a simplified approach. Access a visual timeline presented through a Gantt chart, showcasing task statuses and their projected completion dates. Gain a comprehensive overview of the entire process, enhancing your ability to track progress by eliminating the complexity of traditional tracking methods, providing a clear representation of task durations.

Collaborate With Your Team and Assignee


Encourage better collaboration with your team and assignees by assigning tasks for them to complete within a workflow. Scattered task management and disjointed communication can cause major delay in a process. HR managers can assign various tasks to team members without leaving the platform, making collaboration more efficient for all.   

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Expiry Docs Reminders

No more surprises or last-minute scrambles, our platform offers automated reminders tailored to your preferences, ensuring timely renewals of visas, passports, and permits. Tailor reminders to your preferred frequency.

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Workflows & Checklists

Craft workflows with predefined tasks, ensuring a smooth and effective approach to managing internal processes. Keep the team aligned and accountable using clear checklists and progress tracking. Automate tasks and approvals, boosting HR productivity.

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Case Management

Centralize assignment and expat data, tasks, and progress securely in a GDPR compliant platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Stay informed with real-time insights into service providers' progress and tasks, ensuring operational efficiency

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