Accelerate the Efficiency of Your Team with Workflows

By automating tasks and speeding up approvals through, HR team can improve their productivity. This will help HR teams manage processes more efficiently while also reducing the amount of time spent on manual coordination.

Managers can craft workflows with a list of predefined tasks for internal processes. This way, you'll have a smooth and effective approach to managing complex procedures.

Accelerate the Efficiency of Your Team with Workflows

Efficiency, Organization, And Success For All Mobility Processes

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A Way to Keep the Internal Team Aligned on All Operations


Gain control over your processes with standardized workflows.  

With our platform, HR managers can effectively oversee the progress of their workflows, keep track of task completions, and access clear checklists of tasks. This, in turn, enables managers to efficiently handle service providers’ cases while also ensuring accountability within the internal team using standardized processes and a transparent task list with their progress status.  

To maintain an efficient workflow, you have the ability to set specific durations for each task to keep processes ahead of deadline. From tracking service provider activities to maximizing the efficiency of your internal team, it simplifies process management to achieve optimized outcomes. By offering this comprehensive solution, serves as a valuable tool to enhance your HR operations and drive successful results. 

Modify Processes As Work Changes


Managers have the flexibility to adjust standardized workflow tasks in order to align with the ever-changing dynamics of the workplace. This involves making necessary modifications to accommodate varying workloads, policies, and deadlines, ultimately ensuring that projects stay on track.  

Making sure processes are progressing without disrupting the efficiency of your work. Stay up to date with changes so you can keep running smoothly, even when things change rapidly. 

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A Better Collaboration for Everyone on a Case


Improve collaboration with service provider’s, internal team and assignees by making it easier for everyone to see where they are in relation to the overall project goal. This will help reduce confusion and make sure that progress is being tracked effectively throughout the entire process.

Digital RFQ/RFP System's digital RFP/RFQ feature, accelerating cycles for quicker responses and reduced time-to-contract. Managers can request quotes directly, enhancing productivity and ensuring seamless flow from requests to contracts.

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Expiry Date Reminders

No more surprises or last-minute scrambles, our platform offers automated reminders tailored to your preferences, ensuring timely renewals of visas, passports, and permits. Tailor reminders to your preferred frequency.

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Processes & Timeline

Establish standardized process workflows with detailed, sequential instructions. Transform stagnant spreadsheets into dynamic workflows with flexible timelines. Monitor tasks, anticipate due dates, and ensure timely completion of obligations.

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