Stay Informed On Your Mobility Process

A powerful project management tool that ensures full transparency of the cases to expatriates from service providers and HR managers. Offering full visibility and better collaboration, optimizes the journey towards a successful assignment or relocation.

Stay Informed On Your Mobility Process

Track Your Progress: Enjoy Transparency through Case Management!

Gain visibility over the entire process and service delivery. View the real-time progress of any processes or services that apply to you.

Full Transparency On Your Case

Expatriates and business travelers, including those on long-term assignments (LTAs) or short-term assignments (STAs), can monitor their case progress and deliverables in real-time. They gain crucial insight into their global mobility process. Check the ongoing steps for your mobility services, the duration of each, and the responsible parties.

You can get a complete overview of the case’s progress from start to finish. This functionality ensures complete transparency and accountability. It also leads to a more streamlined relocation or assignment experience.

Benefit from an accurate timeline for service delivery, with clear tracking of actions, documents, expenses and notes.

Easy Collaboration With Your Manager

To enhance the experience of collaboration, actively engage with HR Managers and service providers for task assignments. Inquire regularly about the case’s advancement.

Take an active role in your relocation journey.

Keep Track Of The Case Progress

Keeping track of deliverables from HR Manager and service providers ensures that essential tasks are executed promptly. This proactive approach helps prevent delays and ensures a successful transition.

Stop stressing about being in the dark about your mobility process.