Monitor And Oversee Your Suppliers' Cases

Easily track supplier progress with transparent case monitoring. Stay up to date on the overall status of each case and dive deeper into the supplier's specific tasks for more effective management.

HR teams can also view case timelines and identify potential bottlenecks with the forecasted deliverable timeline through the integrated Gantt chart that provides an insightful visual representation of task schedules.

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Monitor And Oversee Your Suppliers' Cases

Manage all your suppliers in one single platform

For immigration, tax, moving and relocation suppliers, you can centralize: orders, invoices, cases, and documents for control and transparency.

None Of Your Supplier Is Excluded from  


Efficiently manage diverse service providers within a single platform. Oversee interactions with suppliers offering immigration, tax, EOR, visa, relocation, or moving services, all through  

By centralizing operations in one system, HR professionals eradicate the intricacies of fragmented processes. HR teams now wield the power to handle all supplier cases and tasks within a unified portal.  

Easy Financial Document Retrieval


Handling numerous expatriates with multiple ongoing cases can be daunting, but provides a clear, comprehensive view that eliminates confusion.  

The HR team can navigate their service providers with unprecedented ease. Instantly locate invoices and service quotes, track expenses and orders to save valuable time.  

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A Centralized Channel for Communication


Utilize a centralized communication hub to share sensitive documents with service providers, for increased security. The HR team maintains precise control over document access. This feature significantly improves collaborative communication, replacing traditional reliance on email.  

Task management becomes seamless with the capacity to assign tasks to service providers or expatriates and vice versa. Additionally, the platform offers an efficient chat function for effective communication with providers.  

Bring Your Service Providers Onboard Easily


Easily onboard your service providers onto the platform through a simple invitation process. Initiating an order is straightforward, with transparent costs from an onboarded provider. HR professionals can add services to their cart and kickstart your order hassle-free. 

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A Digital Trail of Everything


Access a complete digital record of all activity, establishing a reliable historical record of activities, documents, cases, quotes, chats and invoices with your service provider. This secure and easily accessible digital trail ensures smooth audits and compliance adherence. 

Information is safeguarded against loss, damage, or unauthorized access, contributing to a robust and reliable record-keeping system.  

Replacing paper documentation not only diminishes the need for physical storage but also aligns with always having access anywhere and anytime. 

Secure Doc Management

Store sensitive international assignment documents securely in a centralized, organized platform. Access documents easily while ensuring compliance and security. Simplify document exchanges with expatriates and service providers.

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Processes & Timeline

Establish standardized process workflows with detailed, sequential instructions. Transform stagnant spreadsheets into dynamic workflows with flexible timelines. Monitor tasks, anticipate due dates, and ensure timely completion of obligations.

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Case Management

Centralize assignment and expat data, tasks, and progress securely in a GDPR compliant platform, eliminating the need for spreadsheets. Stay informed with real-time insights into service providers' progress and tasks, ensuring operational efficiency.

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