Visibility into Client Service Progress for the Team

Monitor the progress of the deliverables to your clients by utilizing a transparent case tracking system. Stay updated on the overall status of their case and delve into the detailed task list for enhanced service delivery.   The integrated Gantt chart allows teams to analyze case timelines and identify potential bottlenecks by displaying task schedules in a visual format. This enables a comprehensive understanding of the forecasted deliverable timeline.

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Visibility into Client Service Progress for the Team

Client Management Made Easy

From task assignment to timely delivery, our system ensures nothing falls through the cracks, leaving your clients impressed and satisfied.

Easy Financial Document Retrieval   


Dealing with multiple clients and ongoing cases can be overwhelming, but offers a concise and extensive perspective that eliminates any confusion. 

The team will possess capabilities to efficiently manage client cases. They will be able to quickly find and process invoices and monitor expenses and orders, which ultimately helps in saving precious time. 


A Centralized Database Of All Your Clients 


Our centralized repository aids service providers by consolidating client status, profiles, contact details, comprehensive service history, and expatriate assignment information into a single, easily accessible platform.  

This organized approach eliminates the need for cumbersome spreadsheets, facilitating efficient management of client information. Service providers can now offer personalized and tailored experiences, ensuring clients receive the highest level of service quality and satisfaction. Say goodbye to data scattered across various tools and welcome the simplicity of centralized data management. 

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A Centralized Channel For Communication  


Utilize a centralized communication hub to share sensitive documents with clients and expatriates for increased security. The manager maintains precise control over document access of the team along with an easy request and issuance of documents. This significantly improves collaborative communication, replacing traditional reliance on email.  

Task management becomes seamless with the capacity to assign tasks to the team, clients or expatriates and vice versa. Additionally, the platform offers an efficient chat function for effective communication with your clients. 

A Digital Trail Of Everything 


Access a complete digital record of all activities, documents, cases, quotes, conversations and invoices with your clients. This secure and easily accessible digital trail ensures smooth audits and compliance adherence. 

Information is safeguarded against loss, damage, or unauthorized access, contributing to a robust and reliable record-keeping system.  

Replacing paper documentation not only diminishes the need for physical storage but also aligns with always having access anywhere and anytime. 

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Order Tracking

Managers can effortlessly review, accept, or reject orders, all in one centralized location, saving valuable time. Access all order details instantly, eliminating the need to search through scattered documents.

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Digital RFQ/RFP System's digital RFP/RFQ feature, accelerating cycles for quicker responses and reduced time-to-contract. Managers can request quotes directly, enhancing productivity and ensuring seamless flow from requests to contracts.

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Case Management

Our unique case management system enables you to keep track of all mobility processes being handled by the team – across all categories of services. The system is designed to handle any kind of process, from immigration and tax to relocation and moving.

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