A Salary Calculator for the Host and Home Country

Achieve a distinct comparison between home and host country budgeting effortlessly. HR Managers receive a comprehensive estimation of expatriate assignment costs projection, encompassing base salary, allowances, benefits, taxes, and savings for the assignee in both locations. Eliminate the intricacies of manual calculation, offering a clear and concise analysis of financial implications.

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A Salary Calculator for the Host and Home Country

Minimizes financial risks through accurate projections

An enhanced transparency by offering stakeholders clear insights into financial aspects of assignments.

An Expedited Decision-Making Process


Facilitate swift decision-making with precision through this feature.  By utilizing the salary calculator tool, HR Managers can quickly and effectively assess the costs associated with different assignments, allowing for efficient evaluation of their feasibility. This framework not only provides a clear overview of costs but also aligns with the strategic goals of the organization.  

Additionally, it assists in evaluating the financial viability of assignments, helping managers make informed choices confidently and promptly through a high-level cost assessment for assignments. By optimizing the allocation of resources, organizations can ensure alignment with their objectives.

A Starting Point for Salary Negotiation


In order to initiate salary negotiations effectively, it is crucial to establish a strong foundation built upon factual estimations. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing salary projections, which serve as an unbiased and objective basis for engaging in discussions with future assignees. By employing a salary calculator, any ambiguity surrounding compensation is eliminated, making way for a more factual standpoint. This not only facilitates open dialogue between the parties involved but also ensures that expectations are met.

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Cost Projections

Present a detailed cost visualization for HR to clearly gauge the company's expenditure over the assignment period. This eliminates the complexities of manual calculations, offering a straightforward representation of projected costs of the assignment.

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Expatriate Profile

Ditch scattered spreadsheets! xpath.global centralizes expatriate data, simplifying HR tasks and eliminating administrative hassles. Onboarding is a breeze with smart RPA tools, allowing bulk uploads and accelerating the process.

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Expense Tracking

Forget the hassle of sifting through spreadsheets! xpath.global's expense repository streamlines data tracking, allowing you to easily sort and monitor expenses associated with each case. Gain full financial transparency for better decision-making.

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