A Digital RFQ System For A Better Procurement Process

Our digital RFP/RFQ feature offers a seamless procurement experience, cutting through red tape and reducing time-to-contract. Say goodbye to lengthy communication cycles with clients; our platform allows managers to promptly receive and respond to client requests for quotes.   

By simplifying the traditional procurement methods, your team can be more efficient in providing quotes and closing deals faster.

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A Digital RFQ System For A Better Procurement Process

An Efficient, Swift and Sustainable Procurement Workflow

Cut through bureaucracy, expedite quote issuance and increase your revenue.

A Fast and More Accurate RFQ/RFP System


Accelerate the RFQ/RFP submission review process for potential clients with our feature. Access a comprehensive information prerequisite, enabling efficient evaluation of their needs and precise responses. Say goodbye to lengthy back-and-forth exchanges; embrace a streamlined approach for prompt, accurate client interactions.




A Sustainable Procurement For Costs And Time 


Managers can reduce expenses for printing, mailing, and administration by eliminating paper-based processes and manual work. This tailored solution enhances cost and time efficiency, streamlining operations and benefiting your finances.

Transferring all communications to a digital platform not only cuts costs but also optimizes procurement processes.


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Access To Worldwide Clients

By showcasing your services on xpath.global, you’ll significantly boost your visibility among a diverse, global clientele. Consequently, you’ll attract an abundance of Request for Quotation (RFQ) inquiries, fostering business growth and broadening your outreach.

Case management

Our unique case management system enables you to keep track of all mobility processes being handled by the team – across all categories of services. The system is designed to handle any kind of process, from immigration and tax to relocation and moving.

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Expense Tracking

Experience full transparency in global finance, gain insights into case expenses, consolidating all financial details in one location. Easily track expenditures, including incurred date and costs, enabling effective financial management across service delivery aspects.

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Secure Doc Management

tore and Manage documents for clients and their cases within a meticulously organized platform. The days of storing documents in local drive and on paper are long gone. Store all sensitive documents related to international assignments in a centralized repository.

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