An Efficient Way To Store Your Documents

Store and Manage documents for clients and their cases within a meticulously organized platform. The days of storing documents in local drive and on paper are long gone. Store all sensitive documents related to international assignments in a centralized repository. Gain easy access to vital documents while maintaining security and compliance. Simplify document storage, retrieval, and sharing for a much easier operation.

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An Efficient Way To Store Your Documents

Simplified document storage and access within a GDPR-compliant platform.

Safely share documents in a GDPR compliant environment, fostering seamless teamwork and enhancing productivity.

Share & Retrieve Documents From Clients 


The process of retrieving documents from clients can often be challenging and time-consuming, especially when time is of the essence. The traditional method of HR professionals requesting documents from expatriates and then transmitting them to providers can result in significant delays. However, with, this cumbersome process is simplified. You now have a quick and efficient way to request the required documents from expatriates, while also securely sharing sensitive information with both expatriates and clients.  

This feature ensures a more secure and encrypted channel of communication compared to conventional emails. By utilizing this streamlined approach, the hassles associated with document exchanges are eliminated, enabling a more efficient collaboration between clients and service providers. Moreover, this approach minimizes delays. 

A Secure Vault For all Case Documents 


The system provides a secure vault where all essential documents related to client’s cases can be accessed. This feature acts as a protected storage space that ensures the safety of crucial documents.  

Access to the vault is controlled through permission settings assigned to the team. To ensure the utmost security, all documents are encrypted in-transit and at rest. They are stored on highly secure servers (AWS – the Amazon Web Services cloud). This ensures that the information is protected from unauthorized access and maintains its confidentiality.

 Instantly Find Any Document 


Reclaim valuable time and effortlessly locate any document instantly. In the traditional global mobility landscape, the process of retrieving documents can be extremely burdensome and time-consuming. Moreover, there is always the risk of potential loss due to hardware issues. However, this feature provides professionals with a boost in confidence as they can quickly locate all the relevant documents related to a case. This efficient system eliminates the complexities of document organization and ensures swift access to critical files. Additionally, the integrated search bar further enhances the overall efficiency of the process.

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Order Tracking

Managers can effortlessly review, accept, or reject orders, all in one centralized location, saving valuable time. Access all order details instantly, eliminating the need to search through scattered documents.

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Client Management

Monitor the progress of the deliverables to your clients by utilizing a transparent case tracking system. Stay updated on the overall status of their case and delve into the detailed task list for enhanced service delivery.

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Expense Tracking

Experience full transparency in global finance, gain insights into case expenses, consolidating all financial details in one location. Easily track expenditures, including incurred date and costs, enabling effective financial management across service delivery aspects.

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