Control All Global Mobility Assignments from One Place

Centralize assignment management for a comprehensive overview. Visualize employee assignments, home and host country details. Access, monitor and assign employee benefit packages. Gather all assignment-related information seamlessly.

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Control All Global Mobility Assignments from One Place

Conquer Global Assignments Approvals

To expedite your workflows, submit your assignments to managers for prompt approval. With just a single click, managers can approve without the need to log in or have an established user account. Simply approve via email. Start your approval processes and begin today.

Speed Up Assignment Approvals

Delays in approving assignments can have negative effects on timelines and productivity. The tediousness of manually checking the status consumes a significant amount of time and energy. By incorporating automated approval systems, HR experts can establish streamlined approval processes for project managers by utilizing email communication. This approach can greatly expedite the process, allowing all parties involved to dedicate more attention to essential tasks.  

Quicker approvals result in reduced downtime and smoother assignment progression overall. Moreover, users will have convenient access to detailed assignment information, granting them a comprehensive overview of each case. 

Tailor Perks for Your Assignment


Effectively handling compensation can become time-consuming, making it challenging to manage benefits efficiently. With our Benefit Management features, you can easily assign specific benefits to expatriates, eliminating the usual complexities. Furthermore, you have the option to create comprehensive standard benefit packages without undue frustration. 

Our system remains adaptable even after the negotiation phase, allowing HR to personalize benefit packages based on the preferences of the assignees, ensuring that the packages are custom-made for them. Assignment management made easy.

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Cost Projections

Present a detailed cost visualization for HR to clearly gauge the company's expenditure over the assignment period. This eliminates the complexities of manual calculations, offering a straightforward representation of projected costs of the assignment.

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Benefit Packages

Simplify the complications associated with spreadsheets by exploring a more advanced approach to managing employee benefit packages. is designed to meet the specific requirements of rapidly expanding multinational businesses of all sizes with dynamic organizational structures.

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Salary Calculator

Achieve a distinct comparison between home and host country budgeting effortlessly. HR managers receive a comprehensive estimation of expatriate assignment costs projection, encompassing base salary, allowances, benefits, taxes, and savings for the assignee in both locations.

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