A simpler way to manage your order

Our intuitive order management platform makes it easy for managers to review, accept or reject orders according to their availability. This is done in a centralized location, which saves time and hassle. Furthermore, the system allows managers access to all required information about an order at once- making it easier than ever to keep track of everything related to said order.

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A simpler way to manage your order

Stay on Track with Order Tracking

The Future of Global Mobility: Real-Time Order Tracking for Success

A Digital History Of Actions 


The xpath.global platform keeps a thorough historical record of order actions. It includes responsible parties, granting your team a digital audit trail. This offers insights into an order’s entire lifecycle, from creation to completion.

All Order Information You Need In One Place 


Eliminate the need for sifting through scattered documents and data. Our platform centralizes all order-related information, such as documents, case details, and expatriate data, in one convenient location. Gone are the days of endless file and email searches. Moreover, you’ll enjoy seamless access to invoices and service quotes, guaranteeing a stress-free experience.




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Case management

Our unique case management system enables you to keep track of all mobility processes being handled by the team – across all categories of services. The system is designed to handle any kind of process, from immigration and tax to relocation and moving.

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Client management

Monitor the progress of the deliverables to your clients by utilizing a transparent case tracking system. Stay updated on the overall status of their case and delve into the detailed task list for enhanced service delivery.

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Expense Tracking

Experience full transparency in global finance, gain insights into case expenses, consolidating all financial details in one location. Easily track expenditures, including incurred date and costs, enabling effective financial management across service delivery aspects.

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