If global mobility were a sport, our ERM would be the G.O.A.T. of it

Becoming an early adopter of Xpath.me is like being the first among your friends to buy a smartphone back when all phones had keypads. We dare you to call our bluff!

How our ERM Works

Bird’s eye view

No more uncertainty in regards to the status of your case. You now have a bird’s eye view over your entire relocation operation by overseeing the service provider’s timelines and identifying any potential holdbacks so you’ll never be caught off guard again.

Project management and logistics

Handle the logistics of your relocation process like a pro by overseeing and managing each of your projects, your providers and their services individually, all from one the most intuitive dashboards ever built.

Document sharing

We made document sharing and signing as easy as possible so you can enjoy more of the fun bits of relocation.

Relocation fatigue is now a thing of the past

Our ERM for expats is basically a desktop version of our xpath.me app and can be used together or separately to help you smoothen all the bumps that come along with that lifestyle. With us, you’ll never travel alone again!

Task management

Packing up your life and going abroad isn’t exactly a walk in the park, that’s why our ERM helps you manage it like a pro. Creating personal task lists and managing your processes your way.

No user fees

Expat software are generally hiding their best features behind an expensive paywall whereas we are simply happy to help because we care.


Relocating can get lonely and even scary, that’s why we founded the Xpath.me Community. You can visualize, list and message other expats as well as gain access to a dedicated forum assigned to any specific country.


Each country has its sweet spots. We make it our business to find them out and share them with you so they’re fully enjoyed by our expat users.