The app for the internationally minded

With solid background in supporting expats, we know all about the trials and tribulations that come with the expat lifestyle. In order to better help the global minds among us, we got together, brainstormed and created the most comprehensive app expats could ever dream of.

How our App Works

Full access

No more calling service providers in order to stay up to date with the status of your case. You now have full access to the timelines of your processes so you can easily coordinate the rest of your move.

Easy update

You probably have enough on your mind as it is, so we made document sharing as easy as possible. Take a pic, upload it in the app, and you are all set!

Align all variables

Ever had your furniture delivered before your accommodation was ready? The app helps you coordinate such variables so everything is in order by the time you set foot onto your next destination.

Hit the ground running

Regardless your destination the app helps you navigate through all the important issues that come with being an expat. You name it, we do it. With us, you’ll never relocate alone again!

City Guides

When you travel, we’re right there with you. Emergency numbers, public system and transportation info, cultural customs and local practices, all available to you whether you need to get somewhere fast or just want to become more cosmopolitan.

No more misinterpretation

Often times, different cultures communicating in foreign languages are faced with quite a hassle. Add dealing with legal procedures and documents to all this and it can quickly become an interpretational nightmare. Not anymore – since all parties involved are using the same ecosystem, all things stay as right as rain.

Meet Ina, your virtual assistant

Ina is your first trustworthy point of contact in ALL your relocations. She’s an intelligent assistant that helps you get things done fast by guiding you through the relocation assessments, providing city guides, and essential information on immigration procedures.


Being alone in a new city can be tough, a new country even more so, but maybe having a buddy list at your fingertips waiting to befriend you on arrival will smoothen that transition.