The perfect marketplace doesn’t exi… never mind

The global mobility industry is finally embracing digitalization! Connect with thousands of vetted service providers and join our vision into making the global mobility market easy and transparent for everyone.

Long overdue, wouldn’t you say?

How Works

Simplifying Global Mobility Processes

Imagine a world where a provider’s singular focus is serving YOU, without the struggle of repetitive tasks, with no need of running around after clients anymore, thus putting all their efforts to one purpose – that of better meeting YOUR needs.

Find professionals

Global immigration and visa, tax or social security, relocation and moving services from vetted service providers, closer than ever. Unlimited access. Anytime. Anywhere.

Opportunity to place global bids

We introduce you to the Global Bid offerings. This is a revolutionary technology that allows you to find and select service providers anywhere in the world. On top of that, we’re making sure that you get the best price out of it, in the minimum amount of time, plus many other innovations that come along with it.

Save that money

There seems to be a constant and increasing pressure on budgets – now you have access to the full cost breakdown of the services you bought so that you can successfully manage your spending and vanish any worries in no time. How cool is that?

Track your fleet

Now you have the option to keep track of your entire expat fleet, with no online barriers that could get in the way. One device, 100% management control. You can’t say no to something like this!

Direct Access

Forget about third parties and communication barriers, now you have unmediated access to a worldwide pool of thoroughly vetted service providers.

C-through transparency

The beauty of transparency is that it can highlight strong brand reputations while exposing the fake disingenuous ones so that you can choose to work with the crème de la crème of providers.