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Expatriate Mobile App

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Marketplace Of  Global Mobility Services 


Beyond the corporate services available to companies, our service providers have designed tailored offerings for individuals.

Whether you grant employees lump sums for relocation or wish to direct them to independently procure mobility services not covered by your company’s policy, xpath.global provides diverse B2C offers suited to individual requirements, thus placing the power into their hands and improving the overall employee experience. 

Tax Calendar to Secure Your Financial Obligations

Understanding comple­x stay duration data can be difficult but at xpath.global, we’ve made it easier. Our intuitive visuals transform intricate­ data into clear and meaningful repre­sentations. These visualizations allow for easy interpretation, helping you gain a deeper understanding of your data and simplify analysis.

With our innovative­ approach, even the most comple­x stay duration data can be easily understood at a glance­.

Full Transparency On Your Case

Expatriates and business travelers, including those on long-term assignments (LTAs) or short-term assignments (STAs), can monitor their case progress and deliverables in real-time. They gain crucial insight into their global mobility process. Check the ongoing steps for your mobility services, the duration of each, and the responsible parties.

You can get a complete overview of the case’s progress from start to finish. This functionality ensures complete transparency and accountability. It also leads to a more streamlined relocation or assignment experience.

Benefit from an accurate timeline for service delivery, with clear tracking of actions, documents, expenses and notes.

Your Secure Document Management

All your vital documents are meticulously organized and safeguarded within a centralized hub. Whether it’s your passports, work permits, lease agreements, or insurance contracts, everything finds its place within a single repository, ensuring convenient access from anywhere, at any given time. Whether you need a specific document or a general upload timeframe, finding it is as easy as a few taps.