Talent mobility Summit India 2024

Introducing Talent Mobility Summit India, 2024

November 16, 2023 | xpath.global

In the dynamic global economy, India has emerged as a key player in the international workforce arena. The upcoming Talent Mobility Summit 2023, co-hosted by xpath.global and AltoVita, set for February 15th in Bangalore, India; poised to address the compliance challenges faced by businesses in this evolving landscape.

India’s Rise in the Global Talent Market

India’s ascent as a global talent hub is undeniable. With a vast pool of skilled professionals, India has become crucial for many international corporations. This growth, however, brings forth complex challenges in labour, taxation, payroll, social security, and immigration compliance. These challenges represent critical facets that can impact the operational efficiency and global strategy of businesses.

Talent Mobility Summit: Event For Compliance

At xpath.global, compliance is the bedrock upon which our commitment to our valued clients is built. We recognize that compliance is not just a buzzword—it is an essential pillar that shapes every aspect of our operations. As a technology company dedicated to making global mobility easier and compliant, we deeply understand the critical importance of compliance in the ever-evolving HR landscape. As such the next Talent Mobility Summit will be in India. It’s a central point for expertise, discussion and innovation in the field of global workforce mobility. The summit aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the multifaceted challenges in the industry. Through expert insights, thorough analyses, and practical case studies, the event will foster a robust framework for successful international workforce mobility.


As xpath.global marks a new Talent Mobility Summit event in India, we embrace the opportunity to contribute to one of the most diverse and dynamic employee pools globally. Inspired by India’s eagerness for change and technology, we’re excited to be a part of its evolving landscape. Our core at xpath.global is innovation and integrating our technology for compliance in every facet of the global mobility process.

This collaboration with Alto Vita is more than a celebration; it’s a partnership to deliver comprehensive relocation services, encompassing immigration, visa support, tax guidance, employee onboarding and moving solutions across 183 countries, along with exceptional corporate accommodations worldwide.

Our presence in India signifies our dedication to understanding and aligning with the dynamic Indian market, known for its significant tech growth. In an era where business travel, STAs, LTAs are increasingly prevalent, we recognize the critical role of global mobility and corporate housing. Our goal with our event is to provide expert insights and effective solutions to navigate global compliance, ensuring a smooth and penalty-free experience for our clients. This event is just a step towards a more connected, compliant, and efficient global workforce. – Elena Antoneac, Founder & CEO at xpath.global

This event is your gateway to achieving the perfect balance between compliance and employee well-being. Gain the knowledge and tools necessary to protect your employees’ rights while ensuring your organization stays compliant across borders.

We take great pride in partnering with the most knowledgeable experts within the domain, individuals who hold compliance in the highest regard. This allows us to offer a marketplace of over 60,000 services across 183 countries, connecting our clients with the expertise they need to maintain the highest standards of compliance..

The AltoVita Partnership: A Step Towards Simplified Global Mobility

The partnership between xpath.global and AltoVita, a company specializing in corporate accommodations is a testament to the evolving needs of the global workforce. AltoVita, integrated into xpath.global’s marketplace offers a solution for one of the most significant aspects of global mobility – employee accommodation with this we have partnered with them to provide you with the best insight on corporate accommodation.

The Future of Compliant Talent Mobility

The Talent Mobility Summit is a beacon for the future of compliant talent mobility. The summit promises to be an event, offering insights and solutions for businesses and professionals looking to navigate international workforce mobility. It stands as a testament to the commitment of xpath.global and AltoVita to foster a compliant approach to global talent mobility. Therefore ensuring that businesses can leverage the full potential of India’s talent pool while maintaining adherence to regulations.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to network, learn, and lead with confidence in the complex landscape of global mobility. Stay tuned for more updates.

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