Secondment Compliance: GDPR Best Practices for Employee Mobility within the EU

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About the Talent Mobility Summit organizes Talent Mobility Summit (TMS) India  2024, a series of regional events designed to foster a community of thought leaders in global mobility. TMS India is the premier event for corporate human resource professionals and global mobility directors in India. This exclusive, invite-only gathering is a significant event for leaders seeking to navigate the elaborate world of international assignments and business travel compliance.

India’s rising global talent status brings with it increasing challenges in immigration, tax, visa and social security compliance. These factors significantly impact employee experience and productivity, increasing the company’s legal risk in various geographies.

At, we lead the way in incorporating technology to simplify global mobility. We prioritize employee well-being while ensuring compliance. Join us in learning about best practices, policies and how to navigate global regulations.


Meet the speakers

Tudor Galos

Tudor Galos

Senior Consultant at Tudor Galos Consulting