#47 | Expat Stories: Journeys, Challenges, and Lessons

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EVENT DATE: Dec 14, 2023. Embark on a captivating journey with fellow expatriates as they share their diverse global experiences. A distinguished panel of seasoned travelers will grace the stage, recounting personal expat tales that illuminate challenges faced and lessons learned abroad.

Whether you’re an expat, considering a move, or simply fascinated by cross-cultural adventures, this event promises a wealth of insights. Discussions will span navigating cultural nuances to practical tips for settling into a new country.

The gathering seeks to foster a comprehensive understanding of the expatriate lifestyle. Attendees can anticipate gaining valuable perspectives tailored to their situations, ensuring an enriching experience for all intrigued by the global tapestry of human experiences.


Topics discussed


“Expat life strategies”, “Technology in relocation, Company support during relocation, and Expatriate management” 

During the discussion led by Daniela Teodorescu, key aspects of expat life were explored. The conversation delved into the vital role of support systems, effective strategies for overcoming challenges, the impact of technology on relocation, and the delicate balance between local and global perspectives. Panelists shared personal anecdotes, offering insights into their expat journeys and the crucial role played by company support during relocation.

Alina Constantin, a panelist, shared her compelling journey from Europe to Canada. Currently serving as the VP of HR for West Group Equipment in Vancouver. She highlighted her pivotal role in sourcing and ensuring the transition of mechanics from diverse global locations to Canada. Alina’s experience in expatriate management brought valuable insights into the complexities of the relocation process, offering a unique perspective on the challenges and intricacies involved.

Andrea Ruiz, Siemens organization, human resources, international relocation

Andrea Ruiz, who has been with Siemens organization for nine years and specialized in human resources with a focus on international mobility, has relocated multiple times within the U.S and is in the process of moving to Prague, Czech Republic for a new role next year. She currently functions as a regional manager for sub-services in the Americas but will transition to a team lead role in the European Center of the company.

Brazilian, Romania, Global Mobility Department, work anniversary

The speaker, a Brazilian, expressed gratitude towards Dana for an invitation and acknowledged colleagues Andrea and Alina Zafer. The speaker has a strong background in text, having started their career in a large company before moving to the Global Mobility Department. Past experiences include time in Mozambique. Currently in Cluj, Romania, they noted the weather contrast between Mozambique and Romania. The speaker is in Romania on a permanent transfer and is approaching their two-year work anniversary in the country.

Zafer, overseas experiences, HR Director, Duyar

Zafer, currently serving as the HR Director at Duyar, a Turkish import-export enterprise, recently shared his international living and working experiences. Born in Thessaloniki, Greece, Zafer’s journey led him to reside in Indiana and New York City in the United States, and later in Cyprus post-college. Despite facing challenges in navigating diverse cultures, Zafer is enthusiastic about discussing his encounters.

Global Mobility, Expat Management, Immigration Process, Technology Solutions

The meeting centered around the subject of global mobility, discussing the challenges and opportunities expatriates encounter. The attendees, featuring broad backgrounds and experiences with global mobility, listened to a presentation by Expat Global, which focused on how their technology aids expatriates in visa and legal requirements, housing, and expert services. The emphasis was on the role of technology in facilitating relocation and the importance of personalized support for expatriates. The panel addressed repatriation issues and the significance of corporate support during these events. They also highlighted the availability of temporary housing through the Expat Global platform. Personal anecdotes and advice shone on entrepreneurial behaviors abroad and maintaining relationships back home through technology, underlining that living abroad could be a catalyst for personal growth and entrepreneurial success.

Turkish coffee tradition, Relocation experiences, Business start-up, Expat Global

The meeting delved into the topic of how individuals carry their cultural customs, like savoring Turkish coffee, to a new country. This cultural exchange fosters familiarity, providing a sense of fulfillment appreciated by colleagues and the local community. There was a fascinating idea floated—transforming these traditions into potential businesses, always mindful of company policies. Key relocation skills, including emotional intelligence and resilience, were emphasized. Technology emerged as a valuable tool for a smoother transition, facilitating communication with home and aiding in relocation management.

As the discussion wrapped up, attention turned to the TaMobility Summit in India, an upcoming event orchestrated by xpath,global and Alto Vita. The meeting concluded on a positive note, with participants expressing gratitude, commemorating the year’s accomplishments, and extending warm holiday wishes.

Meet the speakers

Julio Henrique Oliveira Paiva

Julio Henrique Oliveira Paiva

International Mobility Coordinator at Alstrom

Andrea Ruiz

Andrea Ruiz

Global Mobility Regional Manager at Siemens

Alina Constantin

Alina Constantin

Vice President, HR at Wesgroup Equipment

Zafer Çarhacıoğlu

Zafer Çarhacıoğlu

Human Resources Director at Duyar