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Transparent view for you and your clients for a better collaboration!

A Case Management System For All Your Needs

Our unique case management system enables you to keep track of all mobility processes being handled by your team – across all categories of services. The system is designed to handle any kind of process, from immigration and tax to relocation and moving.

Ditch the spreadsheets and make use of a powerful set of tools to centralize cases and clients data, documents and progress in a GDPR compliant and encrypted platform.


A simpler way to manage your order

Our intuitive order management platform makes it easy for managers to review, accept or reject orders according to their availability. This is done in a centralized location, which saves time and hassle. Furthermore, the system allows managers access to all required information about an order at once- making it easier than ever to keep track of everything related to said order.

Streamline Your Work For Maximum Productivity

A Clear Financial Insight  

Gain valuable insights into your organization’s financial pe­rformance with comprehensive­ reports. Easily track costs, revenue­, and profit for any given period and gain a clear unde­rstanding of your financial health. Our advanced filtering options allow manage­rs to delve dee­per into the data, refining it by country or spe­cific services.

This leve­l of detail empowers de­cision-makers with precise insights into financial tre­nds and enables strategic adjustme­nts to optimize profitability. 


A Digital RFQ System For A Better Procurement Process

Our digital RFP/RFQ feature offers a seamless procurement experience, cutting through red tape and reducing time-to-contract. Say goodbye to lengthy communication cycles with clients; our platform allows managers to promptly receive and respond to client requests for quotes.

By simplifying the traditional procurement methods, your team can be more efficient in providing quotes and closing deals faster.

A Comprehensive Listings of Your Services

At, we have simplified the procedure for service providers to develop a thorough service catalog on our platform, greatly enhancing their exposure to prospective clients. This powerful tool equips clients with extensive knowledge about an organization’s abilities and offerings helping them to make informed choices when selecting services with certainty.

By having a comprehensive list of your services, you enable clients to make decisions about what you offer, thereby fostering more robust and fruitful partnerships.


Stay On Track To Reach Your Goals, Faster!

Accelerate The Efficiency Of Your Team With Workflows

By automating tasks and speeding up approvals through, the team can improve their productivity. This will help teams manage processes more efficiently while also reducing the amount of time spent on manual coordination. Managers can craft workflows with a list of predefined tasks for internal processes. This way, you’ll have a smooth and effective approach to managing complex procedures.

An Efficient Way To Store Your Documents

Store and Manage documents for clients and their cases within a meticulously organized platform. The days of storing documents in local drive and on paper are long gone. Store all sensitive documents related to international assignments in a centralized repository. Gain easy access to vital documents while maintaining security and compliance.

Simplify document storage, retrieval, and safely share documents in a GDPR compliant environment, fostering seamless teamwork and enhancing productivity.