Putting the mobility back in global mobility

The Expat life isn’t for everybody. On one hand, it can be scary and full of uncertainties, on the other it can be fun and adventurous. As expats ourselves, we made it our mission to handle those uncertain variables on your behalf, by using state-of-the-art software technology, so you can double up on the fun and adventure bits with peace of mind.

Unlimited options

You can customize your Expat lifestyle down to the last detail by using our suite of tools designed to help you do exactly that. From choosing your service providers and service options, selecting dates, preferred locations for schooling and housing, and even if you’d prefer a bidet or not – all from one place.

User friendly

We specifically tweaked our UX to be as friendly and intuitive as possible for both the Sheldon’s and the Penny’s out there. There’s no point in having the best tools in the world if nobody knows how to use them, right?

Budget advisor

Managing a lump sum essentially means you become your own CFO. Whether you’ve got the financial skills or not, our tools ensure you’ll never go over budget ever again, regardless of your destination or needs.