The robust digital ecosystem for your mobility programs

January 18, 2023 | xpath.global

Imagine how useful it would be if there were a way to conveniently manage all your global mobility cases and resources in one place. With a robust digital ecosystem, this is exactly what you can do!

A well-designed digital ecosystem can make your mobility programmes more effective, efficient and engaging for all those involved: HR colleagues, expatriate employees and suppliers.

xpath.global SaaS-enabled marketplace is a great example of how a digital ecosystem can provide essential support for you as a professional that manages mobility programmes.

We’ll have a sneak peek into some of its key features related to case management. These help you manage your mobility programmes efficiently and without headaches.

Easily manage global mobility cases

For HR, global mobility case management isn’t just an occasional task to juggle. It’s a daily juggling on a tightrope act. Undeniably, the challenge of keeping everything in order when managing an expat fleet can be overwhelming.

xpath.global digital ecosystem for global mobility industry

Fortunately, with the right case management platform in your corner, you can free up time that you would use otherwise for tedious admin tasks. Now you can focus on what really matters. Playing a more strategic role and taking your business to the next level.


The xpath.global edge:

  • You can quickly and effortlessly add a new case. Add the expatriate’s personal details, as well as the employment ones. All assignment details will be available at a single glance, including the benefits attached.
Enjoy great case-tracking capabilities with xpath.global digital ecosystem
  • Add needed services and suppliers to the case. Regardless of how many suppliers you need for an assignment, or in how many countries, you can connect them all to your case, in one single place.
  • Enjoy great case-tracking capabilities. You have complete visibility on services workflows. Surely, you do not know the future, but you can know what tomorrow brings for your international assignment cases! You can see the estimated start and end dates for all services acquired, timeframes and steps involved, so that you can plan accordingly
  • Create teams to supervise the case by including colleagues from your department for a successful outcome. Assign a case manager to oversee the entire process


You might not become a master juggler overnight. Even so, having around-the-clock case monitoring, customizable case tracking capabilities, and automated case updates it’s like having an extra pair of hands. Definitely worth giving a shot!


Smart document management options

Document management can be a tricky dance. You have to stay on your toes and make sure the right steps are in the right place.

Smart document management option - xpath.global digital ecosystem

As a matter of fact, managing a foreign assignment’s documents, versions, updates and expiration dates is daunting.

However, document management features make it way easier than ever to keep track of everything: documents, streamlining search or collaboration among peers.

It allows you the advantage of timeliness and accuracy with the assurance that those extremely sensitive documents are secure.


The xpath.global edge:

  • Designed to help you organize and manage your documents in an efficient and secure way. there are countless different documents in an international relocation process: employment or lease contracts, passports and visas, IDs or birth certificates. You have them now all in the same place assigned to the relevant case.
  • Access to a powerful document indexing feature that allows you to easily search for documents by their name, type or expiration date
  • No worries about finding the right version of a document ever again. With the document versioning feature, you can easily keep track of previous versions and their related changes
  • You can set up automated reminders when documents are changed, updated or added, making sure you’re always on top of the situation.
  • Set up document roles and give the right permissions to the people involved. Only assigned users will be able to access the documents.

Say goodbye to the days of juggling stacks of documents and painstakingly finding what you need. Now you can stay on top of things and one step ahead with just a few clicks!


Track all international assignment costs

An international assignment can take the ultimate toll on your wallet if you don’t keep track of all costs. You may start with a budget in mind. However, at the end of the process, you could be left with unexpected costs.

Keeping a detailed record of all costs makes calculations much easier to understand and problems much easier to solve. Plus it helps a lot with planning the next steps and anticipating future issues.

Balance out costs and expenses for global mobility programmes with a robust digital ecosystem


The xpath.global edge:

  • Stay in control with the cost-tracking feature. It allows you to monitor all related expenses and costs related to an international assignment in real-time. Staying up-to-date with your budget will help with planning and decision-making.
  • You can filter expenses by categories or types to get a better understanding of where your money is going
  • Add all costs and expenses: from your contracted vendors, as well as third-party suppliers. Relocation services, immigration and visa support, travel costs, temporary housing or translations – all in the same place.

The xpath.global digital ecosystem helps you keep your relocation budgets in check with the integrated budgeting feature. Consequently, it allows you to manage and monitor budgets with a simple click of the mouse.

Stay on top of the game, anticipate problems, and make strategic decisions.



In a world that’s increasingly global, successfully managing overseas assignments is key to your team’s success. Fortunately, our platform can help make it happen.

We designed our user experience to be straightforward, reliable and fast. You know exactly what you need, and we know how to deliver it to you.

To sum up, now that you’ve had a glimpse of the powerful features xpath.global has to offer, it’s time to experience them first-hand!

Get in touch with us to see what we can do for you!


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