Inflation, Housing and The Fed – Economic Week Ahead

August 24, 2021 |

Economic Highlights: Powell’s Insights and Global Surveys

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell provided insights during the recent Jackson Hole economic symposium. This ended off a week of significant economic data. His remarks shed light on the economic landscape, inflation and its response to various challenges.

Global Impact of Delta Variant: August Purchasing Managers’ Surveys

The August surveys of purchasing managers in major economies, including the U.S., present a real-time assessment of how the Delta variant is influencing economic activity. Anticipated are modest slowdowns in the services sector expansion in the U.S. and Europe, with declines expected in Japan and Australia.

Housing Boom: Record High U.S. Home Prices

June witnessed U.S. home prices reaching unprecedented levels amid a housing boom fueled by low mortgage rates and robust demand. However, this prosperity faces challenges as economists forecast a slight drop in existing-home sales for July, indicating potential hurdles in the market due to inflation.

Job Market Resilience: Decline in Jobless Claims

Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19 cases, U.S. jobless claims fell to a new low in the second week of August. This suggests continued improvement in the labor market. Economists foresee stability in unemployment benefit applications, indicating a steady employment as summer progresses.

In summary, Powell’s insights, global surveys, housing and job market collectively paint a nuanced picture of the current economic scenario. 

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