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EU Visa Policy Changes: Travelers from India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia

April 26, 2024 |

In a significant move to boost travel freedom, the European Union has relaxed Schengen visa rules for nationals from Bahrain, India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. This change aims to facilitate easier access to the Schengen area, comprising 29 EU countries, including Germany, France, and Switzerland, allowing free movement for short stays of up to 90 days within any 180-day period.

The adjustment in the EU visa policy is set to streamline the visa application process. This will benefit travellers from these countries aiming to visit EU member states for tourism, business or education.

Key Changes in Visa Rules

Multi-Year Visa Eligibility

Previously required to obtain two Schengen visas within three years, Indian nationals can now acquire a multi-entry, two-year Schengen visa, extendable to a five-year visa, subject to passport validity.

Therefore, nationals from Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia are now eligible to apply directly for a five-year, multi-entry Schengen visa.

Visa Application Enhancements

Simplification of the Schengen visa application process to reduce wait times and enhance efficiency. An increase in the duration of multiple-entry visas, offering greater flexibility to travellers from these nations

Broader Travel Access Within Schengen Area

The new rules permit these visa holders to travel across all 29 countries in the Schengen zone using a single visa. This facilitates easier and more seamless travel across major EU countries like Germany, France, and Switzerland.

Note, that each stay can last up to 90 days within any 180-day period, which aligns with the general Schengen visa regulations for short stays.

Benefits for Travelers and Member Countries

Streamlined Application Process and Reduced Bureaucracy

The new regulations significantly streamline the application process, reducing bureaucratic hurdles which in turn promotes tourism and business activities within the Schengen countries.

The tourism sector is expected to see a substantial increase in the number of visitors from Bahrain, India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia, thanks to easier and more accessible travel opportunities.

Whereas simplified visa procedures encourage tourists to explore a wider range of attractions and experiences across Schengen countries, potentially boosting local economies.

Impact on Business and Education

Economic Development and Job Creation

Cross-Border Collaborations: The relaxed visa requirements are expected to facilitate cross-border collaborations between businesses in the Schengen area and those in Bahrain, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. These partnerships can lead to shared projects and ventures, fostering economic growth.

Technology Transfers: Enhanced mobility for business professionals and academics could result in increased technology transfers. This exchange of knowledge and technology between regions is crucial for innovation and development.

The new visa rules may also encourage the formation of innovation partnerships. These are essential for creating new business opportunities and advancing technological frontiers.

Enhancements in Education and Academic Opportunities

The relaxed visa requirements provide students with better opportunities to pursue higher education in institutions across the Schengen Area. This access could lead to an increase in academic exchanges and collaborations.

Facilitation of Educational Travel: Travel for educational purposes, including short courses, seminars, and conferences, is expected to become more straightforward. This ease of access can significantly enhance the educational experiences of students and educators alike.


In conclusion, the recent adjustments in the EU’s visa policy herald a significant movement towards stronger international cooperation. Impacting travellers from Bahrain, India, Oman, and Saudi Arabia positively.

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