How to live the expat life in Israel

March 10, 2022 |

If you’re wondering how to relocate to Israel, we’ve got you covered with everything you’ll need, from finding housing to set up utilities. But how difficult is it to settle in Israel? Foreigners, in fact, may find it extremely difficult, unless they are Jewish and intend to immigrate permanently, or they marry an Israeli national. Otherwise, unless you are coming for work, foreigners are unlikely to be granted residency. You will be granted a temporary residence permit (the B/1 work visa) in this case.


Moving to Israel can be a complicated process, but with the help of this section, your expat adventure will get off to the best possible start. We’ve got you covered with information on storing your household goods as well as Israel’s health requirements. For example, while no vaccinations are required in Israel, some are recommended, such as hepatitis A and B shots. If you need a work visa, you will have to go through a medical exam that includes a blood test as well as normal test results for AIDS, tuberculosis, and hepatitis.

It is possible to move and ship your household goods to Israel by ship or air. Remember that customs allows you to bring your household items in up to three shipments. Shipments must arrive three years after the date of entry. You should keep a detailed list of everything you bring into the country for customs, along with receipts.

Visa & Work Permits

If you’re wondering how to get an Israeli visa, you’ll need to first have a valid reason for moving to the country, such as work, studies, or if you intend to stay permanently. In this section, we cover the B/1 work visa and Israel’s visa types for professional expats. Depending on your line of work, Israel’s visa requirements for the B/1 work visa will typically include passing a medical exam and receiving approval from the Ministry of Interior.

The time it takes Israel to process your visa application will also vary depending on your job type. Keep in mind that it could take up to three months. Be aware that the cost of a visa in Israel includes a submission fee of 1,190 ILS (337 USD).


Online portals, newspapers, word of mouth, and real estate agents can all be used to find housing in Israel. Duplexes, medurags, and apartments, which are the most common type of housing in Israel, are examples of house types. If you are wondering how to rent a house in Israel, it is best to wait until you arrive in the country. You will be able to visit places in person this way. In Israel, rental contracts are typically for a full year, but this can be negotiated with the landlord. In Tel Aviv, the average rent for a three-bedroom apartment is 5,500 ILS (1,551 USD).


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