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Important Changes For 2021 Tax Season To Be Aware Of

December 2, 2021 |

Another year grappling with the impacts of the coronavirus has ushered in significant adjustments for the 2021 tax season, bringing both opportunities and challenges for taxpayers.

Impactful Changes for Individual Taxpayers

While the annual ritual of year-end tax preparation remains essential, recent alterations and the potential for more adjustments in the future necessitate careful consideration.

Child Tax Credit Expansion

The American Rescue Plan’s expansion of the child tax credit for 2021 has been a focal point. Families with children aged 17 and under can now receive up to $3,000, with an additional $600 for younger children.

However, there’s a caveat: some filers who received advance credits might need to repay a portion if their earnings exceeded expectations.

Navigating Eligibility and Repayment

Eligibility for the full credit requires single filers to have a modified adjusted gross income below $75,000, and for married couples filing jointly, an income under $150,000.

Financial experts like Larry Harris advise careful planning and organization, recommending the use of the Child Tax Credit Update Portal for accurate assessments.

Deductions for Charitable Contributions

In a move to encourage charitable giving, 2021 introduced a special provision allowing non-itemizers to claim deductions for cash donations, even without itemizing other deductions.

This change presents a unique opportunity for taxpayers to benefit from charitable contributions, particularly those who typically opt for the standard deduction.

Premium Subsidies for Health Insurance

Congress’s boost in premium subsidies for health insurance coverage has made it more accessible for millions. However, filers should be wary of potential refunds if their incomes exceed 2021 thresholds.

Larry Harris highlights the importance of understanding these implications to avoid unexpected financial burdens.

Reinstated Required Minimum Distributions

After a waiver in 2020, required minimum distributions (RMDs) from retirement plans are back in effect for 2021. Failure to comply with RMD rules can result in substantial penalties.

Harris emphasizes the necessity of adhering to deadlines and understanding plan-specific requirements to avoid costly penalties.

Preparation and Proactivity Are Key

As taxpayers navigate the complexities of the 2021 tax season, staying informed, proactive, and organized is essential. Understanding the implications of recent changes and taking necessary steps can mitigate risks and maximize benefits during this unprecedented time.


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