Italy's New Online Work Permit Process for Non-EU Nationals

Italy’s New Online Work Permit Process for Non-EU Nationals

June 11, 2024 |

In a significant move to streamline the recruitment of international professionals, Italy has introduced a new reform. As of May 2024, non-EU nationals employed by Italian companies or their subsidiaries abroad for at least twelve consecutive months within the past four years can now secure work permits online. This initiative, launched last year, removes previous quota restrictions, allowing a smoother influx of skilled foreign workers into Italy.

The Intra-Corporate Transfer Pathway

This measure, part of Article 27, Paragraph 1, Letter i bis of the Consolidated Law on Immigration (Legislative Decree 286/1998), is a key step in Italy’s effort to attract top global talent. By eliminating bureaucratic hurdles associated with quota limitations, the Italian government is fostering an environment conducive to economic growth and innovation.

Recognizing the importance of digital efficiency, the Ministry of the Interior has launched an online portal for submitting these work permit applications. From April 16, 2024, eligible candidates can start their applications through this user-friendly platform, moving away from cumbersome paper processes.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for this work permit, applicants must have twelve months of continuous employment with the same Italian company or its international subsidiaries within the last forty-eight months. This requirement highlights Italy’s commitment to long-term professional relationships and the value of institutional knowledge.

Documentary Essentials

Despite the streamlined process, stringent documentation requirements remain. Employers must provide comprehensive financial statements and certificates confirming the applicant’s employment tenure. These measures ensure transparency and maintain the program’s integrity.


Italy’s new online application process for non-quota intra-corporate work permits marks a significant milestone in attracting and retaining top-tier global talent. By embracing digital transformation and simplifying procedures, Italy is opening doors for both domestic and international professionals. This approach not only strengthens Italy’s economic resilience but also positions the country as a hub of opportunity for ambitious individuals worldwide. As the world evolves, Italy’s commitment to innovation and global talent will drive a prosperous and sustainable future.

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