Job satisfaction, the highest in London

April 13, 2022 |

London has been rated as the best city in the UK for job satisfaction, with Brighton, Bristol, Oxford and Manchester very close by.

More than 300,000 reviews posted over the past year on the Glassdoor website by current and former employees have been analysed by the jobs site, resulting in London recording the top score of 3.92 out of 5.

Bristol, Brighton, Oxford and Manchester were the only cities to score above the national average of 3.82 based on ratings of such factors as overall job satisfaction, career opportunities, diversity and inclusion, work-life balance, pay and benefits, and workplace cultures.

Employees are wanting more from their employers or else they will leave:

“Companies across the country are working hard to ensure employees feel part of a diverse and inclusive workplace culture that offers a sense of belonging, but there is still room for improvement across pay, senior leadership and career opportunities,” added Glassdoor’s Lauren Thomas.

On a regional basis, companies in Greater and Central London were scored by employees as the highest in the UK for job satisfaction while employees in North West England topped the scores for diversity, equality and inclusion, with the SE England close behind.

Manchester also rated top for pay and benefits, with the lowest scores being recorded in Sheffield. Among English regions and UK nations, Scotland was the lowest when it came to salaries.

Mental health featured prominently and positively in NW England, Scotland, SW England and Yorkshire & Humber regions – and, as far as individual cities were concerned, Manchester and Bristol.

The issue of „parking” was seen in the pros and cons of nearly every region in the UK except Greater London, “indicating this is an important employee benefit and a focus for workers as they make a return to the office”, said Glassdoor.

Hybrid and flexible working emerged as a keyword in the positive employee reviews in the West Midlands, Wales, Northern Ireland and the North East of England, and specifically in the cities of Liverpool and Bristol.

“Workers do, however, mention a lack of compensation and bureaucracy in the cons of employee reviews. At a time where competition for talent is fierce and employees can demand more of their employers, providing a competitive and transparent compensation package is vital to not only attract talent and combat the rising costs of living, but to allow companies to continue to grow and expand.”


Source: Relocate Magazine, April 2022

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