labor exploitation in the UK cleaning sector

Labour exploitation in the UK’s cleaning sector

April 29, 2022 |

Over the past months, FLEX, the LAWRS, and the EERC have been actively engaged in a collaborative project aimed at preventing labor exploitation within the UK’s cleaning sector. This initiative operates in partnership with the Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA). Together, these organizations are working diligently to enhance awareness, understanding, and collaboration in addressing the intricate issue of labor exploitation within the cleaning industry.

Building Knowledge Through Training Sessions

FLEX has taken the lead in conducting comprehensive training sessions across key cities, including London, Manchester, Birmingham, and Edinburgh. These sessions bring together GLAA officers, statutory services, and local organizations supporting cleaners from diverse backgrounds. The primary focus is to equip participants with a deeper understanding of essential employment rights, identify risks associated with labor exploitation in cleaning work, and provide guidance on accessing relevant advice and support.

Specialist Resources for Cleaning Sector Workers

Simultaneously, LAWRS and EERC have initiated an impactful awareness-raising campaign tailored specifically for cleaners. This campaign employs both digital platforms and physical outreach efforts, targeting two prominent groups within the cleaning workforce. These groups collectively constitute a significant portion of the UK’s cleaning workforce.

Multilingual Support and Resources

The awareness campaign includes the development and dissemination of resources in five languages: English, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, and Spanish. These resources comprehensively cover workers’ rights and avenues for accessing support. By offering information in multiple languages, LAWRS and EERC are ensuring that a broader spectrum of cleaning sector workers can access crucial knowledge related to their rights and available support mechanisms.

Fostering Collaboration and Market Enforcement

Central to the project’s success is the emphasis on fostering collaboration between supporting organizations and labor market enforcement agencies. By creating partnerships and building bridges between various stakeholders, the initiative aims to create a united front against labor exploitation in the cleaning sector.


FLEX, LAWRS, EERC, and GLAA collaboratively advance workplace safety. Targeted training combats labor exploitation complexities, fostering a fair cleaning industry.

Source: Focus on Labour Exploitation

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