Migrants in the caravan accept a visa arrangement with Mexico

November 24, 2021 |

Reported by Reuters from Tapachula, Mexico, officials stated that thousands of migrants in southern Mexico have accepted a government proposal. This offer entails leaving a caravan en route to the United States in exchange for Mexican visas.

A Journey North Amidst Uncertain Circumstances

The caravan, consisting mainly of migrants from Central America and the Caribbean, is one of two significant groups that set out from Tapachula in recent weeks. Departing on foot, these migrants, including families with young children, embarked on the arduous journey northward towards the United States border.

Transitioning under the guidance of caravan organizer Luis Garcia Villagran, representing the advocacy group Pueblo Sin Fronteras, the group had reached Mapastepec in the southern state of Chiapas by Tuesday.

A Step Towards Legalization

Issuing a joint statement, the interior ministry and the national migration institute outlined that the caravan migrants who left Tapachula last week have agreed to initiate the process for regularizing their legal status in Mexico. This decision reflects a significant step towards legalizing their presence in the country.

Moreover, by accepting the government’s offer, these migrants are taking proactive steps to navigate the complex immigration landscape and potentially improve their living conditions in Mexico.

Furthermore, this move underscores the importance of diplomatic efforts between governments and migrant communities to address migration challenges in a humane and lawful manner.

In addition, it highlights the resilience and determination of migrants seeking better opportunities, despite facing numerous obstacles along their journey.

Consequently, this development could have broader implications for regional immigration policies and bilateral relations between Mexico and the United States.


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