n response to the Russian invasion, the New Zealand government is extending temporary visas to over 100 Ukrainian nationals.

New Zealand fast-tracks visa support for Ukrainians

March 8, 2022 | xpath.global

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the New Zealand government has announced a series of fast-track immigration measures aimed at providing support and stability to Ukrainian nationals currently in the country. Over 100 Ukrainian nationals are set to benefit from these new policies, which are designed to encourage them to stay in New Zealand or return quickly if they are currently abroad.

One of the key components of this package is the automatic extension of temporary visas for 140 Ukrainian nationals whose visas were set to expire this year. These individuals have now been granted an additional 12 months, allowing them to remain in New Zealand without the immediate concern of their visa status. This extension is a significant relief for these visa holders, providing them with the certainty and security needed during such tumultuous times.

This group is part of an estimated 300 Ukrainians who hold temporary visas in New Zealand. In addition to the visa extensions, the New Zealand government has also made provisions for 250 Ukrainian citizens who hold valid visas from outside the country. These individuals can now bypass the current border controls and return to New Zealand immediately. This fast-track policy is crucial in ensuring that Ukrainians who may be stranded or in dangerous situations can find safety and refuge in New Zealand without delay.

Minister of Immigration Kris Faafoi emphasized the importance of these changes, stating that they provide much-needed certainty for Ukrainians whose country is currently under attack by Russian forces. “New Zealand was one of the first to give humanitarian support to Ukrainians when Russia invaded. Although we know the numbers are small, we are fast-tracking support for Ukrainians to remain in or return to New Zealand immediately,” he said. This swift action by the New Zealand government underscores their commitment to offering humanitarian assistance in times of crisis.

The decision to extend visas and allow immediate re-entry is part of a broader international response to the conflict in Ukraine. By implementing these fast-track immigration measures, New Zealand is playing a vital role in offering protection and support to those affected by the invasion. This policy not only reflects New Zealand’s dedication to humanitarian values but also provides a practical solution for Ukrainians in need of urgent assistance.

As the situation in Ukraine continues to evolve, it is likely that the New Zealand government will remain vigilant and responsive to the needs of Ukrainian nationals both within and outside the country. These measures demonstrate a proactive approach to crisis management and highlight the importance of international solidarity in the face of aggression and instability. By extending visas and facilitating the fast-track return of Ukrainian citizens, New Zealand is making a meaningful contribution to the global effort to support those impacted by the Russian invasion. The fast-track initiatives ensure that those in need can access safety and support promptly, reinforcing New Zealand’s role in the international humanitarian community.

Source: msn.com

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