Norway ’s rural life is becoming more unequal as a result of labor migration

December 13, 2021 |

Impact of EU Expansion on Income Disparities

Since 2004, income disparities in tiny Norwegian towns have widened due to labor migration from Eastern European countries. The European Union’s expansion eastwards in 2004 saw many former Eastern Bloc nations joining the EU, which had significant ramifications for Norway. This expansion resulted in historically high labor migration to Norway, with immigrants settling predominantly in rural areas, according to Marie Holm Slettebak, a sociologist and doctoral fellow at NTNU.

Investigating the Link: Sociologist’s Perspective

Marie Holm Slettebak, being at the forefront of research in this area, has extensively studied the relationship between immigration and income disparity in Norway. Her work delves into the figures, investigating the link between various forms of immigration and income inequality. Slettebak’s research focuses on communities that previously had little to no experience with labor migration but witnessed a substantial influx of labor migrants post-2004.

Findings and Implications

Slettebak’s research reveals a significant increase in economic discrepancies, particularly in rural areas, following the influx of labor migrants. Transitioning to Slettebak’s research, it’s evident that labor migration post-2004 has contributed to widening income disparities in Norwegian communities. Slettebak’s study underscores the impact of immigration not only on immigrants’ income but also on income inequality among native-born Norwegians.

Moreover, Slettebak’s findings suggest that the income gap among Norwegian-born individuals has widened, albeit slightly, in rural municipalities affected by labor migration.

In conclusion, while immigration enriches Norway culturally and economically, it also poses challenges in mitigating income disparities, especially in rural areas.


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