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Labor Shortage: Perhaps Bad Managers Are To Blame

December 15, 2021 |

Understanding the Great Resignation 

The job market is experiencing historic highs in both job opportunities and people departing their employment. However, the anticipated flood of new employees following the labor shortage of expanded unemployment help has not materialized.

Self-Reflection for Employers

Instead of blaming external factors for recruitment difficulties, employers should reflect on their own role in the Great Resignation. Many organizations have neglected employee development and well-being, contributing to the phenomenon.

Rob Falzon, vice chair of Prudential Financial, highlighted this issue, emphasizing the importance of employee care and talent development.

Addressing the Labor Shortage

A recent Prudential poll revealed that 46% of workers are considering a new job, primarily driven by better salary and a lack of advancement prospects. This indicates a failure in utilizing and valuing existing talent.

Despite the ongoing labor shortage, employers have been slow to respond effectively. Wage increases have not kept pace with inflation, impacting employees’ quality of life.

In summary, understanding the reasons behind the Great Resignation, reflecting on organizational practices, and addressing the labor shortage through fair compensation are crucial steps for employers navigating the current job market.


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