Expats’ experience in Germany – Recent changes

February 10, 2021 | xpath.global

Expats in Germany are witnessing a transformation in their experiences this September. Key updates across various aspects of daily life are worth noting.


1. Enhanced Online Banking Laws

With the implementation of the EU directive PSD2 on September 14, German banks bid farewell to traditional paper TAN lists. The adoption of a more secure two-factor authentication system marks a significant stride in online banking safety.


2. Aldi’s Plastic Bag Charges

To address plastic consumption concerns, Aldi has introduced a 1-cent charge for thin plastic bags used for fruits and vegetables, starting this September. This initiative aligns with environmental sustainability efforts.


3. Cash Incentives for Midwives in Bavaria

Freelance midwives relocating to Bavaria now have the opportunity to apply for a state-funded “settlement premium” of approximately 5,000 euros. This financial support, effective from September, is available to both freelance and contract-based midwives.


4. Munich’s Support for Families

Munich has implemented reduced Kita fees from September 1, particularly benefiting families with children aged 3-6. For households with an income below 50,000 euros, fees for children aged 0-3 are completely waived. This initiative aims to ease financial burdens on families.


5. Changes in Asylum Seekers Benefits

Starting September 1, adjustments to the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act have led to reduced benefits for asylum seekers. The restructuring includes outsourcing costs for electricity and housing maintenance, reflecting changes in financial support mechanisms.


These September changes bring a combination of financial adjustments and environmental initiatives, creating a dynamic landscape for expats in Germany. Stay informed and navigate these transformations with ease.


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