The Belarus-Poland Standoff Becomes Less Tense

November 19, 2021 |

In a significant effort to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis, Iraq organized its first repatriation flight, returning hundreds of individuals to their homeland. Hundreds of migrants who had been detained in Belarus, unable to reach the European Union, were transported back to Iraq.

Harrowing Experiences of Migrants

Among them was Awara Abbas, who spent $5,500 attempting to flee but found himself caught in a cycle of apprehension and return.

Awara Abbas expressed profound despair, stating, “I wish I had died and they were bringing my corpse back.”

Belarus’ Role and the Plight of Migrants

Belarus, under President Aleskandr G. Lukashenko’s encouragement, became a temporary haven for migrants seeking entry into the EU.

Despite the dire conditions and maltreatment experienced, many migrants express determination to attempt the journey again.

Transitioning from the ordeal in Belarus to their repatriation, the repatriation flight organized by Iraq provided a glimmer of hope.

Transitioning from the migrants’ return to the broader situation in Belarus, President Lukashenko’s actions have exacerbated the crisis.

In the midst of this crisis, the repatriation flight stands as a significant step in addressing the immediate needs of these vulnerable individuals.

In conclusion, while the repatriation flight signifies progress in addressing the plight of migrants, it also underscores the urgency of finding lasting solutions to this complex humanitarian crisis

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