The Online Recruitment Market in Romania had the best year, last year

April 27, 2022 |

The Best Year Of The Online Recruitment Market was 2021 in Romania, Recruitment Website Index Says. Over 2.85 million Romanians have sought a job in 2021.

“The economic recovery experienced by Romania has attracted more employers to the recruitment market, which has led to a significant increase in job offers in all sectors of activity. Employers came back strong in 2021, especially in the second half of the year.” says Theodor Filoș, OLX Business Manager.

The current edition of the Job Index also shows that the number of jobs has risen rapidly in 2021. Although this sector started slower in the first two months of 2021, significant increases have been reported since March. Nationwide, the number of job postings has increased by 37% compared to 2020, with over 740,000 recruitment offers.

Moreover, OLX data brings to the fore some important trends in online recruitment: unlike in previous years, although companies performed more jobs in 2021, Romanians’ interest in a job was slightly lower (-5%) ; on the other hand, the candidates were more determined, and thus the average employment time decreased by 5 days (compared to 2020); even though blue-collar remains the star segment in 2021, there is also a significant increase in the gray collar segment, where job ads have reached 30% of the market.

60,000 new job postings every month in 2021

 Production workers – Warehouse – Logistics, the most sought after candidates on the labor market

For the first time, the category “Production workers – Warehouse – Logistics” took first place in the top of the fields with the most jobs available on this platform, after occupying the second position in 2020. The high number of job advertisements confirms the major shortage of staff in this field. Thus, during the last year, the companies added on the platform over 151,000 job offers for the workers in this field, 112% more than in 2020.

The “Engineers – Craftsmen – Builders” category, with 127,500 jobs available in 2021, lost the leading position in 2020 in the ranking of the fields with the most job postings. However, even so, the number of job vacancies in this field has remained constant over the last two years.

Last year, the category “Drivers – Car Services – Courier” was on the third place, with approximately 117,000 job postings. The growth in this area of ​​activity was significant last year, when the number of job postings increased by 69%.

Most resumes went to driver jobs 

The field that registered the most unique applications on the platform in 2021 was “Drivers – Car Services – Courier”, over 542,000 Romanians applying for these positions.On the second place in the ranking of the fields with the most candidates was the category “Cashiers – Commercial Workers”, with approximately 307,000 unique candidates. The podium was completed by the “Hotel Staff – Restaurant” domain, with approximately 300,000 CVs received during the last year.

Over 15,800 eligible job offers for Ukrainian refugees

In addition to the urgent support provided to people in Ukraine in March of this year, with the inauguration of a dedicated section on the platform, it provides thousands of employment opportunities for Ukrainian citizens.

The main sectors with the most job offers are: “Hotel staff – restaurant” (1,867 ads listed), “Engineers – Tradesmen – Builders” (1,423 ads) and “Drivers – Car services – Courier” (1,244 ads).

Moreover, even on the application side of the candidates, the areas remain, with one difference: “Hotel staff – restaurant” (10,095 applications), “Drivers – Car services – Courier” (8,918 applications) ranks second, followed of “Engineers – Craftsmen – Builders” (7,291 applications).

As for the cities with the most job postings for Ukrainian refugees, listed on the OLX platform, the top is led by Bucharest, employers in the capital posting 3,533 offers, and Cluj-Napoca and Iasi fill the following positions, with 1,121 and 858 jobs, respectively.

Source: Romania Journal

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