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U.S. Immigration Policy: What Should It Be?

December 2, 2021 |

Immigration policy remains a topic of immense controversy due to its intricate connections with various facets of society, including economics, culture, law, resources, and attitudes toward immigrants themselves.

So, what’s the desired U.S. policy amidst this complexity? Let’s delve into the motivations behind three distinct viewpoints: those advocating for halting most or all immigration (comprising 21% of the population); those supporting some immigration under strict conditions (the largest group, at 58%); and those backing substantial immigration but with stringent conditions.

Among those open to some immigration with conditions, there exists a generally positive view of immigrants. Roughly eight out of ten perceive immigrants as hardworking, contributing positively to American society. While many believe immigrants fill jobs Americans won’t take, there’s also concern about their potential impact on wages and reliance on assistance programs.

On the other hand, one-fifth of Americans favor halting most or all immigration, citing a mix of economic and cultural concerns. They tend to view immigrants negatively in terms of their influence on society and their economic effects. Interestingly, they also prioritize reducing immigration from certain regions, particularly the Middle East and Mexico.

Conversely, the group advocating for accepting most immigrants (comprising another 21%) prioritizes asylum seekers and those fleeing persecution. They perceive immigration as aligned with fundamental American values, emphasizing its pivotal role in America’s unique identity. This group tends to be younger, more educated, racially diverse, and politically liberal.

Despite their differences, all three groups agree on the importance of immigrants entering the United States legally, highlighting it as a fundamental criterion for immigration policy. This common ground underscores a shared understanding of the necessity for a structured and lawful immigration process.


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